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coyrtney and melanie

Courtney had 701,000 dollars and Melanie had six one-hundred thousand dollar bills and fourteen ten thousand dollar bills which compares the amount of money the two girls had.

What's the shortest length?

A certain cord will break if its tension exceeds 360 N. Suppose the cord is attached to a 0.40 kg ball. If the ball is to be swung with a speed of 25 m/s, what's the shortest length of cord that can...

english questionnnn

Generally, the representatives (compose) a legislature are constitutionally elected by a broad spectrum of the population. i have no idea!! what goes in the blank??  Generally, the representatives...


Identify two specific forms of mass communication (Some suggestions you may wish to consider to include, radio, television, political cartoons, newspapers, movies and the Internet. For...

I need a inequality

At a county fair you by 20 tickets that you can use for carnival rides and other attractions,some rides require 1 ticket while other require 2 tickets.write an inequality describing the possible number...

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