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I used the y/2 -y/1 over x/2-x/1 formula to determine the slope of : (2,5) abd (-3,-5) My answer is -10/5 The other one I would like to confirm is: (-2,-3) and (4,-9) for which I go -6/6

The first and third terms of an arithmetic sequence are -1 and 5, respectively. Which of the following is the sixth term?    a) -25 b) 11 c) 14 d) 29 e) 3125   Please...

A market researcher investigating preference for 3 brands of beverages coffee, tea and cocoa in Kisumu city gathered the following information. From a sample of 800 consumers, 230 took coffee, 245...

Two people are pushing a piano. One person pushes it with 175 pounds at an angle of 60 degrees To the x axis while the other pushes it with 250 pound at an angle of 30 degrees To the x axis. In what...

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