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Pond questions

There grows in the middle of a circular pond 10 ft. in diameter a reed which projects 1 ft. out of the water. When it is drawn down it just reaches the edge of the pond. How deep is the water.

Jess phone bill

Jessica's cell phone company charges her .10 per minute for talk time and charges $30 monthly service fee what would the table be 

Tangents and Spheres

1. Find the equation of the line tangent to the given circle at the given point. a. Center of Circle: (1,-3) Point of Tangency: (-3,-1) Equation of tangent line:______________ b...

Find their difference?

The numbers 23.982 and 3.4687 are both approximate and correct only to their last digits. Find their difference and state how many figures in the result are trustworthy.

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