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Word problem

A recording studio invest $24,000 to produce a master CD of a singing group. It cost $1.50 to make each copy of the master and cover the operating costs. 1. Complete the cost chart C(d). Number...

The volume of the solid in cubic?

The base of a solid is a circle of radius 2 inches. Each cross section perpendicular to a certain diameter is a square with one side lying in the circle. The volume of the solid in cubic inches is    a)...


A newspaper carrier has $4.10 in change. He has 4 more quarters than dimes but 3 times as many nickels as quarters. How many of each coin does he have. He has this many Quarters= He has this...


Hello! I have a question about probability that I got for homework that I can't figure out. It would help if you told me how to solve this and future problems with the key words "and then"...

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