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At 10:15 am, Snail 1 crossed the 65cm mark with a velocity of 4cm/min. In a great burst of energy, snail 1 raced to the 90 cm mark in 3 minutes. His velocity as he crossed the 90 cm mark was 7 cm/min...

Find the future value of the ordinary annuity interest is compounded annually unless otherwise indicated PMT equals 7500 I equal 7% interest compounded semiannually for five years

Which of the following gives the value of the area under the curve y=1/(x^2+1) in the first quadrant?    a) pi/4 b) 1 c) pi/2 d) pi e) diverges    Please...

If Andy and his wife charlotte can paint the house in 3.5 hours, and charlotte and her daughter nancy can paint it in 4 hours, and all three can paint it in 3 hours, how long would it take charlotte...

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