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A newspaper carrier has $4.10 in change. He has 4 more quarters than dimes but 3 times as many nickels as quarters. How many of each coin does he have. He has this many Quarters= He has this...

Math Statistics Question

Students in an online Statistics course reported the following hours spent weekly on the course.8.5 4.5 12.5 13 14 3.5 6.5 18 21.5 23.5Assume the number of hours spent by all students follows a normal...

Input and Output math

These are the numbers for the input; 0,1,3,4 and the output are; 4,3,1,0,   1) identify the domain of this function. 2) identify the range of this function. 3) give the corresponding...

Help with this Math question?

 A cylinder and a rectangular prism have the same volume and same height. The base of the prism is a square with side length 7 cm. What is the approximate radius of the cylinder? A. 4.0 cm B...

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