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Algebra 1 question

I need help with this. Please show all the steps. :P   Hearst Castle if 180 miles from Ventura by road. Two coaches leave Ventura at the same time, both heading for Hearst Castle, but...

Mixture problem

A 30% A solution is to be combined with a 50% B solution. How much B solution should be mixed with A solution to have a 45L of 40% C solution? wirh solution would be great.

How many CDs did Juan produce?

Can someone help me with this problem? Please show all the steps:   Juan's band produced a number of CDs to sell at a gig. The batch of CDs cost $170.00 to make and each CD was sold for...

Solve the problem

A twin-engined aircraft can fly 1216 miles from city A to city B in 4 hours with the wind and make the return trip in 8 hours against the wind. What is the speed of the wind?

Rational Functions

Let r(x)=p(x)/q(x), where p and q are polynomials of degrees m and n respectively. What conditions on m and n ensure that the following statements are true? a) lim r(x)= 0 x-->infinity b)...

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