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Explain why the number of tens decreases after regrouping? That is the writing and reasoning question given. The only other problems on the page are 426+235, 339+156, 408+58 and 147+424...

How to solve?

The graph of y=2sin(3x + π/4) is obtained from the graph of y=2sin(3x) by shifting 1.) to the right π/8 2.) to the left π/8 3.) to the left π/12 4.) to...

How to find all values?

Find all values of t in the interval [0,2π] that satisfy 2 cos t +1=0 1.) t=π/4, 3π/4, 5π/4 2.) t= π/3, 5π/6, 7π/6 3.) none of these 4.) t= 2π/3, 4π/3 5...

Word problem

A recording studio invest $24,000 to produce a master CD of a singing group. It cost $1.50 to make each copy of the master and cover the operating costs. 1. Complete the cost chart C(d). Number...

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