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loan repayment

A college student borrows $2500 each semester for 4 years. Each loan gains interest, compounded monthly, at 2.5%. It is borrowed at the end of August and at the end of December each year. The student...

Math word problem

the local business club has 225 members. its rules state that a two-thirds majority is need to amend the bylaws. a certain fraction has been determined that it can count on 109 votes. how many more...

Linear Programming

Problem D (30 points) Wildcat Paper Mills, Inc., has two paper plants, one in Cincinnati and one in Syracuse. Warehouse facilities are located in Albany and Erie. Distributors are located...

converting kilometers to miles

1. The straight line distance is between Portland, Oregon and Alice Springs, Austrailia is approximately 12, 902 kilometers.  How far is it in miles?  (show work)     2...

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