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Hard word problem

THe weight of a synthetic ball varies directly with the cube of its radius. A ball with a radius of 2 inches weights 0.80 pounds. Find the weight of a ball of the same material with a 3 inch radius...

slope and lines

Indicate in standard form the equation of the line passing through the given point and having the given slope. R(4, 0), m = 5

how many pounds of meal

The manager of a farmer's market has 450 lb of grain that costs $1.60 per pound. How many pounds of meal costing $0.80 per pound should be mixed with the 450 lb of grain to produce a mixture that...


I have to find out wich one is bigger(x + 1)(x + 3) or (x+2) (x+2). then I have to subtract the bigger one from the smaller one

question 7

When an enclosed grass pasture is shared by 44 cows, they each produce 112 gallons of milk per month. For every two cows added to the pasture, the monthly milk production for each cow decreases by...

Square feet

I'm going to lay a new carpet in my office. It is rectangular in my room is 21 x 15. How many square feet a carpenter I need to buy? I will need to use a formula: area of a rectangle

Earth Science c/o crayfish

A crayfish lives in a shallow pond along with frogs, turtles, various insects and small fish.  Meadowsweet grows on the banks of the pond, which is rimmed with grasses and reed?  The...

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