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Probability Answers  

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Probability to get a blue ball

Marble produced at a certain factory has a 20% chance of being blue. A box contains 10 marbles.   (a)Find the probability that exactly 2 balls out of the 10 balls in the box are blue...

based on probability

P and E visits a hotel for a three-course meal.on the menu there are 4 starters,5main course and 3sweets.P and E each order astarter, amain course and asweet.[i]calculate the number of ways in which...

based on probability

A geologist splits rocks to look for fossils.on average 10% of the rocks selected from aparticular area do infact contain fossils. The geologist selects a random sample of 20 rocks from this area,...

probability question

A game has 50 chips, each labeled with a number from 1 through 50. Carla randomly chooses one chip. What is the probability that she chooses 15 or a multiple of 10? A....

Probability of marbles

10 red marbles and 10 blue marbles are placed into a bag. Alex mixes up the bag and randomly selects a marble. He continues to do so, replacing the marble after each selection, until a red marble...

This is a probability question.

Ron finds 9 books at a bookstore that he would like to buy, but he can afford only 5 of them. In how many ways can he make his selection? How many ways can he make his selection if he decides that...

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