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Physics Answers  

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Find the scale reading?

A person with mass of 55 kg is standing on a scale in an elevator. The elevator is moving up and accelerating at 1.5 m/s^2 for 3 seconds, then continues with constant speed. Find the scale reading...

What is the force due to gravity?

A 10 kg mass on a horizontal friction-free table is accelerated by a string attached to 12 kg mass hanging vertically from a pulley. a) What's the force due to gravity on the 12 kg hanging mass? b)...

Is the rope in danger of breaking?

A 80 kg container is lifted by a rope. The rope is guaranteed not to break if the tension is up to 800 N. The container started at rest, and after 2 seconds is moving at 3.0 m/s. Is the rope in danger...

What was his initial speed?

A man jumped horizontally from a window and reached the ground 0.80 s later. If he landed 3.6 m from the base of the building, what was his initial speed? How high was the window above the ground...

How high is the fort?

A cannon ball leaves a fort with an initial horizontal speed of 1.8*10^2 m/s and strikes a ship in the sea below 7.2 s later. How high is the fort above sea level?

Estimate its range?

A projectile was launched from level ground with an initial speed of 340 m/s at 35 degrees to the horizontal. Estimate its range and time of flight.

Find the bullet's range?

A bullet was fired horizontally from the top of a 150 m tall tower at 280 m/s. Find the bullet's range and time of flight. Determine also its speed on impact with the ground below.

What was the range?

A projectile is fired with a horizontal speed of 25 m/s from the top of a mountain of height 110 m. What was the range and time of flight of the projectile?

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