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Physics Answers  

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Physics help

13. A water droplet of radius 0.018mm remains stationary in air. If the downward electric field in 150N/C, how many excess electrons must the droplet have?

Physics help

An electric dipole consists of a pint charge -q at the point (0,a) and a point charge q at the pint(0,-a). Find the electric field at the point (x,0).

From Graphical Analysis

Please help me with this. It looks long, but it really is not. A physics student wants to determine the relationship between the radius of a charged conducting sphere and the magnitude of...

HELP please. Physics question.

    A primitive diving bell consists of a cylindrical tank with one end open and one end closed. The tank is lowered into a freshwater lake, open end downward. Water rises into the...

Find the tension?

Luke Autbeloe twirls a 750 gram mass on the end of a 0.82 meter string. Find the tension at the top and bottom of the orbit. Assume the mass's velocity at both top and bottom is 3.7 m/s.

What's the slowest speed?

A frictionless rollercoaster does a vertical loop with a radius of 6.0 m. What's the slowest speed that the rollercoaster must have at the top of the loop and avoid falling?

What must be the friction?

Harry Hotrod rounds a corner in his sports car at 50 km/h. The friction force holds him on the road. If he has twice the speed, what must be the friction force to prevent him from skidding off the...

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