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Physics Answers  

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Air Resistance

1. Give three factors that affect the amount of air resistance an object experiences, and describe how each factor influences air resistance (will the air resistance go up, or go down if that variable...

phy (force)

A helicopter of mass 2500 kg carries a bucket of water to fight a wildfire.The total mass of the bucket is 2000 kg.the helicopter accelerates horizontally and the suspension cord makes an angle of...

Physics speed

A calcium ion Ca++ enters with zero velocity a region of uniform electric field of 200N/C pointing east.  What is its speed after 50ms? (Symbol of calcium atom is 20Ca40)

Physics help

13. A water droplet of radius 0.018mm remains stationary in air. If the downward electric field in 150N/C, how many excess electrons must the droplet have?

Physics help

An electric dipole consists of a pint charge -q at the point (0,a) and a point charge q at the pint(0,-a). Find the electric field at the point (x,0).

From Graphical Analysis

Please help me with this. It looks long, but it really is not. A physics student wants to determine the relationship between the radius of a charged conducting sphere and the magnitude of...

HELP please. Physics question.

    A primitive diving bell consists of a cylindrical tank with one end open and one end closed. The tank is lowered into a freshwater lake, open end downward. Water rises into the...

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