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Physics Answers  

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What must be the friction?

Harry Hotrod rounds a corner in his sports car at 50 km/h. The friction force holds him on the road. If he has twice the speed, what must be the friction force to prevent him from skidding off the...

From Graphical Analysis

Please help me with this. It looks long, but it really is not. A physics student wants to determine the relationship between the radius of a charged conducting sphere and the magnitude of...

Physics help

An electric dipole consists of a pint charge -q at the point (0,a) and a point charge q at the pint(0,-a). Find the electric field at the point (x,0).

Help me with my future?

Where are physics laboratories usually located? Inside the colleges? Can you write the agreement saying that once your invention succeeds using their materials then you'll give them some profits of...

Find its time of flight?

A shell was fired from ground level with an initial speed of 350 m/s at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal. Assuming there is no air resistance, calculate:   a) its time of flight; b)...

What is its resulting acceleration?

Two 5 kg masses are attached to opposite ends of a long massless cord which passes tautly over a massless frictionless pulley. The upper mass is initially held at rest on a table 50 cm from the pulley...

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