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There are 30 terms in an arithmetic pregression. The 2nd and 3rd terms are distinct integers. The ratio of the 1st 20 terms and the sum of the 1st 10 terms equals twice the ratio of the 2nd...

If a and b (not equal zero) are the roots of the equation x^2+ax+b=0, then find least value of x^2+ax+b (x belongs R)

The spider web consists of four straight threads each of length 2 metres. They intersect to form a square of side length 1 metre, with 0.5 metres protruding at either end. What is the largest...

Among 40 people, 25 like black, 30 like red, 35 like white, at least how many people like all 3 colours?

 how would i find the cosine of the angle between the plane z−3x+2y = 11 and the y-axis? Thanks for help

Use the binomial theorem to find expressions in terms of r1 and r2 for: i. (x^3+y^3) ii. (x^4+y^4) r1=(x+y) and r2=(xy)

Find an equation for an ellipse with foci (3,4) and (3,6) and vertices (3,1) and (3,9). _________ = 1                          ...

Carlisle conducted an experiment to determine if the there is a difference in mean body temperature for men and women. He found that the mean body temperature for men in the sample was 97.9 with a...

prove that the set of integers,thats an infinite set is smaller than the set of real numbers, that too is an infinite set.

Find the center and the foci of the ellipse given by the equation -y^2+10y-4=9x^2+12x. At what points, if any, does this ellipse intersect the line  

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