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maths help

please help, its damn urgent .it is the trickiest of all!  Imagine you are playing a new version of the game of chess, called x chess. the rules are same, with just one exception. You have...

maths help

the question is - How many times in a day is it impossible to tell the time by a clock with identical hour and minute hands, provided we can always tell whether it is a.m. or p.m.? What happens if...

urgent math help

the question is -  A fully booked theatre is about to screen A Beautiful Mind to a group of 100 mathemati- cians. the 1st mathematican was thinking about the Riemann Hypothesis and somehow misplaced...

comparing the interest rates

John needs to borrow $500,000 for three years. Which of the following option is more beneficial for him? (i) 3.2 % simple interest rate (ii) 1.6% compound interest rate when it is compounded...

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