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The distribution of the width of a standard piece of computer paper is normal with an expectation of 8.5 inches and the standard deviation of 0.2 inch.   a) Find the probability that...

Density Function

The density function of a random variable X is given by f(x)= 1/(7√2π) e^(-?(x+3.6)?^2/98)   Find its (a) math expectation (b) variance and (c) distribution funct...

(3x -1) + (9x^2 -1)

its been 1 year since my teacher taught me this.. so I can't remember now xD pls reply :)   I think there is no answer because you can't add with different exponents  

Fair eight sided die

We have a fair eight-sided die. a. Find the math expectation of a single roll. b. Find the math expectation of the numerical sum of 4 rolls. c. Find the math expectation of the numerical...

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