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Investment Answers  

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interest rate

Your traditional IRA account has stock of GFH, which cost $2000 20 years ago when you were 50 years old.  You have been very fortunate, and the stock is now worth $23000.  You are in the...

amount of interest earned

bob places $1000 a year in his IRA for ten years and then invests $2000 a year for the next ten years.  Mary places $2000 a year in her IRA for ten years and then invests $1000 a year for the...

interest earned

you are offered $900 five years from now or $150 at the end of each year for the next five years.  If you can earn 6 percent on your funds, which offer will you accept?  If you can earn...

asset values

What is the net asset value of an investment company with $10,000,000 in assets, $790,000 in current liabilities, and 1,200,000 shares outstanding?  


Graduating seniors may earn $45000 each year.  If the annual rate of inflation is 2 percent, what must these graduates earn after 20 years to maintain their current purchasing power?  If...

word problem

Find the time required for money invested at an annual rate of 6% to double in value if the investment is compounded monthly. Round to the nearest hundredth of a year. (Hint: you will need to choose...

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