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Geometry Answers  

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How long is it?

One ladder is 7 feet longer than another. Each is placed on level ground with its lower end 8 feet from the foot of a vertical wall. The longer ladder reaches 9 feet farther up the wall. How long...

Find the length of each.

two straight wires are attached at a point 24 feet above the base of a vertical pole standing on level ground. One wire is 5 feet longer than the other reaches a point on the ground 11 feet farther...

Geometry help!

a spotlight is mounted on a wall 7.4 feet above the office building. It is used to light a door 9.3 feet from the wall. to the nearest degree, what is the angle of depression from the spotlight to...

Please help me.... the question is:

the angle of elevation from one point on the street to the top of a building is 29*. The angle of elevation from another point on the street, 50 feet away to the top of the building is 25*. To the...

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