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Geometry Answers  

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It's Geometry

A tepee with a dirt floor in the shape of a right cone has a slant height of 26 feet and a radius of 12.5 feet. Approximately how much canvas would be needed to cover the tepee?   The...

This is geometry

The only type of angle that has the same measure as its intercepted arc is the _____ angle. In a circle, if two chords are congruent, then their _______ _______ are congruent. Concentric circles...


Given the translation T(x,y) → (x – 4, y + 2), find: a. the image of (2, -1) b. the preimage of (3, 5)   Given the translation T(x,y) → (x – 1, y + 2), find: a. the...

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