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Chemistry Answers  

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Chemistry problem about solutions.

Calculate how many cm^3 of a solution of perchloric acid 55.0% ( density = 1.47 g/mL) must be diluted with water in order to prepare a 0.5 L 0.3 M solution. How much water do we have to add in order...

Homologous series.

Homologous series have same chemical property why? Methane and ethane have different chemical property or not !If yes then why just adding a hetero atom in both compound can make both compound...

Homologous series

What is homologous series? can we put alkanes , alkenes , alkynes  in to same group or this is homologous series or not if yes then why if no then why not!   

Word Problems

I am stumped...   Anne and Nancy use a metal alloy that is 18.3% copper to make jewelry. How many ounces of a 15% alloy must be mixed with a 24% alloy to form 90 ounces of the desired...

Identify Unknown Solutions

You have been prepping for a chem. lab and the safety officer has discovered some mysterious white solid on the floor of the corridor outside of the lab. She has asked you if you could...

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