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Chemistry Answers  

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Atomic Weight of two elements 'A' and 'B' respectively are 32  and 16 .They combine to form two gases AB2 and AB4 and the Mixture is found to have a vapor  density of 38.4. the no of...

One mol mixture of Feo and Fe3o4  containing equal moles of each on reaction with excess 02 give 'n' moles of Fe2o3 . Calculate 'N'

A student reacted with the following unknown metal, M, with HCI and collecyed the following data : mass of metal = 0.300, volume of water displaced = 227.3 mL, temperature of H2 =25C , barometric...

2.5 g of a mixture of a BaO and CaO when heated with h2so4 ,produce 4.713g of the mixed sulphates . Find the percentage of BaO present in the mixture 

If AgNO3 solution is added to a solution containing Br- ions until the silver ion concentration is 8.17 x 10-5, what is the Br- ion concentration? The Ksp for AgBr is 5.2 x 10-13

In lab today, we measured the actual yield and melting point of aspirin that we had made in lab last week.  Our actual yield was 2.87 grams.  The theoretical yield was 2.9 g, so the percent...

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