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Chemistry Answers  

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chemistry acid and base

calculate [OH- ] and pH for each of the following solutions. (Kw = 1.0 10-14.) A mixture that is 0.050 M in CH3COONa and 0.044 M in (CH3COO)2Ba

Reactions with kp and kc

For the reaction N2(g)+3h2(g) =2NH3(g) The partial pressure of N2 and H2 are 0.80 and 0.40 atmosphere respectively at equilibrium. The total pressure of the system is 2.80 atm...


How would I convert grams into moles, and vice versa? Please make is as simple as possible! Thanks!

Chemistry Help Please!

Part A. Phosgene (carbonyl chloride), COCl2, is an extremely toxic gas that is used in manufacturing certain dyes and plastics. Phosgene can be produced by reacting carbon monoxide and chlorine gas...

How to solve this?

Calculate the density of Helium, He, in grams per liter at 21 degrees C and 752 mmHg. The density of air under these conditions is 1.188 g/L. What is the difference in mass between 1 liter of air...

Chemistry Help Please!

The reversible chemical reaction: A+B<->C+D has the following equilibrium constant: Kc=[C][D]/[A][B]=4.1.   (a) Initially, only A and B are present, each at 2.00 M. What...

Chemistry Help Please!

For the reaction: CO(g)+NH3(g)<->HCONH2(g) The equilibrium constant is: K=0.207 at 400 K. If a reaction vessel is filled with initial concentrations 2.15M of CO and 2...

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