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Bonds Answers  

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premium amortization schedule

A bond has a face value of $2,000 redeemable in 5 years at a coupon rate of 8%. Construct the premium amortization schedule if the bond is to be purchased to yield 6%. 

Purchase price of bond

What is the purchase price of a $1,000 bond that is maturing in 20 years at 12% interest if the required rate of return is 15%?

yield rate

Find the yield rate for a bond purchased at a quoted price of $2,250 redeemable in 10 years. The face value is $2,000 at a coupon rate of 6 1/4%.

bonds/purchase price

A $5000 bond with a semiannual coupon at 8.5% is redeemable at par value on November 1, 2015. Find the purchase price on July 15, 2013 to yield 7.5%.

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