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Algebra Word Problem Answers  

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Baffled, the chief of police broadcast a special TV report asking the citizens to be on the lookout for the Phantom Number Cruncher:"Citizens of Gallatin: If anyone has any information that can...

Find the sum

Two angles are complementary if their sum is 90.  If the measure of one angle is 6 less than twice the measure of the other angle, find the measure of the two angles

Word problem

The percentage score on a test varies directly as the number of correct responses. Tommy answered 54 questions correctly and earned a score of 60%. What would Tommy's percentage score be if he had...

Word Problem

Mrs. Lewis needs to buy two types of grain, oats, and barley to mix as a feed supplement for her cattle. She has $4275 to spend on grain and wants the mixture to be 3 parts oats and 2 parts barley...

word problem

A bowl of pudding at 76 degrees F, is placed in the refrigerator that maintains a constant temperature of 35 degrees F. The temperature T of the pudding t minutes after it is placed in the refrigerator...

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