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Algebra 2 Answers  

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Quadratic formula help

Find the zeros of each function by using the quadratic formula.  1.) f(x)=3x^2-10x+3 2.) p(x)=2x^2-7x-8 3.) r(x)=x^2+c+1 4.) g(x)=x^2-x-5 Find the type and number...

word problem

A family has two cars. The first car has a fuel efficiency of 15 miles per gallon of gas and the second has a fuel efficiency of 25 miles per gallon of gas. During one particular week, the two cars...

word problem

Goran works as a tutor for $13 an hour and as a waiter for $11 an hour. This month, he worked a combined total of 98 hours at his two jobs. Let t be the number of hours Goran worked as a tutor this...

How much was invested?

Walt made an extra $10,000 last year from a part-time job. He invested part of the money at 9% and the rest at 6%. He made a total of $780 in interest. How much was invested at 6%?

What is the speed?

The speed of a stream is 5 mph. If a boat travels 46 miles downstream in the same time that it takes to travel 23 miles upstream, what is the speed of the boat in still water?

riding a bicycle

A man rode a bicycle for 12 miles and then hiked an additional 8 miles. The total time for the trip was 5 hours. If his rate when he was riding a bicycle was 10 miles per hour faster that his rate...

people traveling in a car

Chuck and Dana agree to meet in Chicago for the weekend. Chuck travels 195 miles in the same time that Dana travels 180 miles. If Chuck's rate of travel is 5mph more than Dana's, and they travel the...

cars traveling

Two cars leave an intersection. One car travels north; the other east. When the car traveling north had gone 18 miles, the distance between the cars was 6 miles more than the distance traveled by...

road trip problem?????

On a road trip from New York to Los Angeles, Joe stopped in St. Louis which is 924 miles from New York. If St.Louis is 0.33 of the trip to Los Angeles, how far is it from New York to Los Angeles?...

Algebra 2 question

  A nurse must be careful not to inject a drug too quickly into a patient’s IV.  If the drug is injected at the maximum rate of 0.04 cc per second, and the total amount to be injected...

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