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Algebra 1 Answers  

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System of Equations

Translate to a system of equation but do not solve   The perimeter of a standard tennis court when used for doubles play is 228 ft. The width is 46ft less than the length. Find the dimensions...

Algebra Word Problem

$6300 is invested, part of it at 10% and part of it at 9%. For a certian year, the total yeild is $598.00 How much was invested at each rate?   How much was invested at 10%____   How...

Word Problem

In a certian year, solar and wind energy generation totaled 1015 trillion BTUs. Wind generated 52 trillion btus eight times that generated by solar energy. How much was generated by each source?   Solar...

Word Problem

In a certian year, brand A of heart rate watch cost $37.55 and brand B cost $56.55. A non profit community health organization purchased 32 heart rate watches for use at a wellness center. If the...

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