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Algebra Answers  

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How do you solve this since there isn't a c? I need the vertex points (ie: (2,5)) I'm in the 8th grade (Algebra 1) and our teacher neglected to tell us how to do these.

Find the general solution?

Find the general solution of x^2*y"+3xy'+5y=0 that is valid in any interval not including the singular point. Answer: y=c1*x^-1*cos(2*ln abs(x))+c2*x^-1*sin(2*ln abs(x))...

Width of path surrounding pool

A pool measuring 14 meters by 26 meters is surrounded by a path of uniform width. If the area of the pool and path combined 988 square meters what is the width of the path. Equations for lenght of...

college algebra

a boat travels 3km upstream and 3km back. the time for the round trip is 8 hours. the speed. the speed of the stream is 3km/hr. what is the speed of the boat in still water? simplify your answer,...

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