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Factor each polynomial completely... I just don't get it. At all. I pay attention in class, but it just doesn't register in my mind. Please help me with the problem. 

math help!!

If the current market share for each company is Chevy 45%, Ford 35% and Honda 20%, what is the market  share for each company after the purchase of the next car...

can someone help

1.  Suppose that in a town, everybody drives a Chevy, Ford or Honda.  A survey indicates that of the current Chevy  drivers, 25% will buy a Ford and 30% will buy a Honda next time...


A slot machine has 3 wheels. Each wheel has 10 positions: a bar, and digits 0,1,2... When the handle is pulled the three wheels spin independently before coming to rest. Find the probability of:   Getting...

Question in the description

Emma's garden is 1/5 beans 1/8 peas and 1/2 corn the rest is planted with flowers what fraction is Emma's garden planted with vegetables?are there more flowers or peas in Emma's garden?

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