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A caluclus work problem.

A cylindrical tank of radius 4 ft and length 12 ft is lying on its side on horizontal ground. The tank initially is full of gasoline weighing 40 lb/ft3. How much work is done in pumping all this...

nucleus questions

true or false      The strong nuclear force cause protons and neutrons to be attached to each other.  I say this                            ...


Given the translation T(x,y) → (x – 4, y + 2), find: a. the image of (2, -1) b. the preimage of (3, 5)   Given the translation T(x,y) → (x – 1, y + 2), find: a. the...

light absorbtion

1.  an object which absorbs most of the light waves which srike it but reflects the blue frequency   a.  is opaque and appears blue b.  is transparent and appers blue c...

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