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how many days are in 2 million seconds?

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1 Answer

Hi Janique. This is a dimensional analysis question. In this case, you have seconds and days and need to convert between them.

There are 24 hours in a day. This means that the fraction 24 hours/1 day is equal to 1. You can multiply anything by 1 and not change its value. The same goes for the conversion factors, 1 hour / 60 minutes and 1 minute / 60 seconds

If you multiply 2,000,000 seconds (2 million seconds) by these conversion factors, you will change the seconds to days:

2,000,000 sec. x (1 min/60 sec.) x (1 hour/60 min) x (1 day / 24 hours)

The units in the numerator are seconds x minutes x hours x days while the units in the denominator are seconds x minutes x hours. The seconds, minutes, and hours cancel out since they are in both the numerator and denominator and all you are left with is days.

The answer is about 23 days.

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