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factor the expression: x(x-8)+(x-8)

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4 Answers

Distribute or dissect the equation by applying multiplications:

x^2-8x+x-8 -->> x^2+x-8x-8

Now apply Factorization: --->> (X-8)(X+1)



x(x-8) + (x-8)

Looking at you can see that (x-8) is in both terms if you replaced (x-8) with y you'd have

  • x(x-8) + (x-8)
  • xy + y = xy + 1y  where y = x-8
  • y(x+1) factor the y out
  • (x-8)(x+1) simply replace y with it's original value of x-8.

You can factor out the (x-8) as though it were a simple variable, because it is in () in the first term.

Hope this helps,

Steven P.