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What number am I???

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1 Answer

I am a number greater than 99 and less than 1,000 - so it's a three digit number
Tens digit could not be greater = 9
Tens digit is 1 greater than hundreds digit = 9-1 = 8
Two digits that aren't next to each other are the same, so ones digit = hundreds digit = 8


I'm a bit confused. I think I'm reading your answer as "988".  However, the question says that "two of my digits that aren't next to each other are the same". 
BTW, I'm a grandma helping my 3rd grade grandson with this one and it's driving me crazy!  I think the sentence "My tens digit could not be greater (my words ... greater than what?) and it is 1 more than my hundreds digit" simply does not give enough information.  Ugh!
The number is 898, not 988.  9 is the biggest digit you can put in any place in a number - which is why it "can't be bigger"
Ones digit = 8
Tens digit = 9
Hundreds digit = 8

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