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can you teach me tenses? all of them? please

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2 Answers

In English, there are 6 past tenses, 6 non-past tenses, and 4 conditional tenses.
Past tenses.
1. Simple past: I ate.
2. Past continuous: I was eating.
3. Simple present perfect: I have eaten.
4. Perfect continuous: I have been eating.
5. Simple past perfect: I had eaten.
6. Past perfect continuous: I had been eating.
Non-past tenses.
1. Simple present: I eat.
2. Present continuous: I am eating.
3. Simple future present (future I): I will eat.
4. Future present continuous: I will be eating.
5. Simple future perfect (future II): I will have eaten.
6. Future perfect continuous: I will have been eating.
Conditional tenses.
1. Simple conditional present (conditional I): I would eat.
2. Conditional present continuous: I would be eating.
3. Simple conditional past (conditional II): I would have eaten.
4. Conditional past continuous: I would have been eating.
Hi Ganga;
I will do what I can...
I HAD to take a test today.
I HAVE to take a test now.
I WILL HAVE to take a test later.
I took a test today.
I AM taking a test now.
I will take a test later.
I DID homework today.
I AM DOING homework now.
I WILL DO homework later.
I WOULD HAVE BEEN taking a test today, but school was canceled.
I AM taking a test now.
I SHOULD BE taking a test in one hour.
All of the above CAPITALIZED words are helping verbs which can assist in establishing tense.
These are....
be am are is was were been
seem shall should could would
has have had
do did does
It may seem difficult to memorize, just sing it as Old McDonald had a farm...