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A fraction is a portion of a whole number the same as a decimal.  Think of money - 75 cents is a fraction of $1.00 and a dollar is 100 pennies so you can write it as a fraction  75/100 or reduce it  to 3/4.  You know it takes 4 quarters to make a dollar, so if you only have 3, you only have a fraction of the whole dollar.  By using quarters we broke the whole number up into fractional shares of the whole. 4 quarters (1/4 +1/4 + 1/4 +1/4 = 4/4 or one whole)
Fractions are simply division problems.  For example 3/4 becomes the division problem 3 divided by 4 which will result in the decimal .75 (we're back to our original 75 cents).  The 3 is the dividend, the 4 is the divisor and the answer is the quotient. 
In addition, think of bottom number (the denominator) of a fraction as a whole pizza that you have cut up into a number of pieces - in this case 66 pieces.  The top number (the numerator) can be thought of as how many pieces out the entire pizza did you eat - in this case 66, so you ate 1 whole pizza.
In the case of 66/66  you would be dividing 66 by 66 and any number divided by itself equals 1.  In this case you had two equal fractions that were both negative , so you were dividing a number by itself, therefore it is positive one. 
Whenever you divide or multiple 2 negative numbers, you end up with a positive.
(- 6/11 )  / (-6/ 11)  = 1   don't need to multiply.
 Division of 2 equal quantity is just 1.
 Division and multiplication of 2 same signs it always positive.
 +/ + = +  ,  - / - = +
  ( + ) * ( + ) = +
  ( - )  * ( - ) = +
   Multiplication and division of 2 quantities with different sign is always negative.
Hi Connie;
I think this is...
Please let me know if I misunderstood you.
A negative number divided by a negative number results in a positive number.
Let's take the denominator, also known as the divisor--the lower part--and flip it upside down while removing it from the lower part...
We are now multiplying these together...
The result is 1 because anything divided by itself is 1 (except for zero which is undefined).

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