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What would be the significance of finding erythrocytes and/or large protein molecules in the urine?

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3 Answers

The presence of erythrocytes aka red blood cells aka RBC's may be a sign of kidney diseases that damage the filtering units of the kidneys which allow the RBC's to leak into the urine. It could also be a sign of kidney stores, kidney infection, bladder infection, and rarely bladder cancer or sickle cell disease.

The presence of proteins in the urine indicates kidney damage.  Persistent protein in the urine can be suggestive that the kidney's filtering function has been damaged by chronic kidney disease.

The important thing is to not only look at your lab test values but also look to the patient for answers.  Listen to what they're telling you. Are they experiencing burning with urination?  Are they have frequent episodes where they feel like they have to urinate, but only produce a small amount of urine?  Have they had recent trauma to their pelvis or back?  Are they experiencing back pain?  Are they noticing a foul odor when they urinate?  Let your patient be your guide.
The presence of erythrocytes in urine is a medical condition known as hematuria. It can be benign if it is once in a while. It could be due to unknown reasons or urinary tract malfunction including tumor somewhere in the tract. Presence of large protein molecules in urine are also indicative of UT malfunction and/or infection.
Hope this helps.
I think it would indicate some sort of kidney damage.  Kidneys are filters and should not let erythrocytes through into urine if working properly also with protein I think if an excess is in the bloodstream it will be filtered out, but I'm not sure about "large" molecules?  I think that proteins are larger in general when compared to other molecules in biology?  But this is a good question and I am curious to see what other folks have to say on this.