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Find the mean of this set of numbers. 7, –9, 6, –10, –13, –5

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2 Answers

Ok, I added these numbers 3 times, and while you moderators are "reviewing my answer without providing a reason so I can fix it, the student is getting the wrong answer".
Mean = sum of all values / # of values
Add them all up.
7-9+6-10-13-5+77-4+4-24 = 29
29/10 numbers = 2.9
Hi Paula,

Apologies! I initially and inexplicably included a minus sign. The correct answer is indeed 2.9, not -2.9. The answer has been edited.

A mean (also known as an average) for a set of numbers is calculated by adding up the terms, then dividing by the number of terms.

In this case,

mean = (7+(-9)+6+(-10)+(-13)+(-5)+77+(-4)+4+(-24))/10

= 29/10

= 2.9


Ryan, I know we all want to give correct answers 100% of the time, but everyone makes small mistakes sometimes.  I've done the same myself, despite double and sometimes triple checking. Thanks for all the hard work helping folks on the site.   Happy Friday!