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ANOVA Excel Worksheet

The following table contains a random sample of 40 women partitioned into three groups:
Group 1: ages below 20
Group 2: ages 20 through 40
Group 3: ages over 40
the values in the table are systolic blood pressure levels
The Hypothesis test:
H0: μ123
H1: at least one of the treatment means is different
use the Excel Analysis Toolpak to create an Anova- Single factor table.
is there sufficient evidence to support the claim that women in different age categories have different mean blood pressure levels? Give for your decision.

Group 1    Group 2    Group 3    [Place your Anova table here]
   104           97            123
   106           116          107       Anova: Single Factor
   104           98            127
   92             95            133      SUMMARY
   112           108          114      Groups    Count    Sum    Average    Variance
   107           106          93        Group 1
                   102          113      Group 2
                   108          114      Group 3
                   94            116
                   100          155
                   101          105       ANOVA
                   119                     Source of Variation    SS    df    MS   F    P-value    F-crit
                   89                       Between Groups
                   113                     Within Groups
                   93                       Total
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1 Answer

As found on Microsoft Excel Help:
If you need to develop complex statistical or engineering analyses, you can save steps and time by using the Analysis ToolPak. You provide the data and parameters for each analysis, and the tool uses the appropriate statistical or engineering macro functions to calculate and display the results in an output table. Some tools generate charts in addition to output tables.

The Analysis ToolPak includes the tools described below. To access these tools, click Data Analysis in the Analysis group on the Data tab. If the Data Analysis command is not available, you need to load the Analysis ToolPak add-in program.
Click the File tab, click Options, and then click the Add-Ins category.
In the Manage box, select Excel Add-ins and then click Go.
In the Add-Ins available box, select the Analysis ToolPak check box, and then click OK.
Tip:  If Analysis ToolPak is not listed in the Add-Ins available box, click Browse to locate it.

If you are prompted that the Analysis ToolPak is not currently installed on your computer, click Yes to install it.
Note    To include Visual Basic for Application (VBA) functions for the Analysis ToolPak, you can load the Analysis ToolPak - VBA Add-in the same way that you load the Analysis ToolPak. In the Add-ins available box, select the Analysis ToolPak - VBA check box.

The Anova analysis tools provide different types of variance analysis. The tool that you should use depends on the number of factors and the number of samples that you have from the populations that you want to test.