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Mathematical Journeys: Carl Gauss and the Sum of an Arithmetic Series

There's a famous (and probably apocryphal) story about the mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss that goes something like this: Gauss was 9 years old, and sitting in his math class. He was a genius even at this young age, and as such was incredibly bored in his class and would always goof off and get into trouble. One day his teacher wanted to punish him for goofing off, and told him... read more


The Right Tool for the Job

Back when I was still in middle school, I was sitting at my kitchen table during a family gathering, and my uncle posed the following puzzle for me to solve: A vendor is selling apples for 10 cents apiece, oranges for 5 cents apiece, and peanuts two for a penny. Someone comes along and buys exactly 100 items for exactly one dollar. How many apples, oranges and peanuts did that person buy?   I... read more


(3x -1) + (9x^2 -1)

its been 1 year since my teacher taught me this.. so I can't remember now xD pls reply :)   I think there is no answer because you can't add with different exponents  


Fair eight sided die

We have a fair eight-sided die. a. Find the math expectation of a single roll. b. Find the math expectation of the numerical sum of 4 rolls. c. Find the math expectation of the numerical...

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