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On-line Japanese Lessons

Since the last month, I have started on-line lessons.  On-line lessons are surprisingly effective and fun.  I am getting good reviews from my students.  Because I am an experience language teacher and I have a variety of teaching materials, my on-line lessons are as effective as in-person tutoring sessions.  Especially in a language learning, conversation via skype is effective.  On-line lessons are very personal and both students and teachers are able to concentrate on each other as well as the subject without interruption.  In addition, on-line lessons are portable.  As long as there are no other people around, students can have a session in a room, outside, or even at a quiet corner of a favorite cafe.     If you are new to the language learning and hesitating to start meeting a new tutor, please try my on-line lessons.  I have 8 basic conversation sessions specially made for people who are totally new to the language... read more

The Best Gude for Research Writing

Do you know that "OWL" is an acronym for online writing lab? My favorite research writing source is the Purdue OWL. This site can answer many if not all of your writing questions from A to Z. I frequently recommend that my students use it. In fact, when we start our research segment of a writing course, I show students how to navigate to and through it.   This site is ideal for style guide information and formatting papers using MLA or APA format. Once inside the MLA or APA tab, it is particularly useful to click on the sample paper. Here you will find a complete research paper in the format that you choose. It is a magnificent guide because it is a comprehensive template to follow from title page to source page.   The Purdue OWL is a must for writers and researchers!

Noteworthy Online Resources

Being in the mathematics field, I am constantly looking for online resources that break down problems in an effective and clear way. My favorite online resource that I have found the most useful is Khan Academy. Khan Academy has a variety of video tutorials in multiple content areas, not just mathematics. The videos are well organized into units and concepts which makes them easy to navigate. Having the video tutorials are wonderful because you can pause them if they are going too quickly, rewind to see something again, and replay for more exposure to the content. Khan Academy does a wonderful job at explaining the problems in depth and color coding the steps of the problem as they go through it. I suggest Khan Academy for both enrichment and remediation for anyone.

Commuting to Tutor

I am new to the Wyzant website and have been assigned my first student to tutor. The student lives about 30 miles away from my current location. I am charging 30 dollars per hour, 45 for two hours and 60 for three hours. I am not aware of the proper etiquette when it comes to tutoring and was wondering if meeting at a location between our homes would be an idea okay to propose.   Any suggestions would be beneficial.   Thanks   Keith M.

Online Resources

When it comes to using a legitimate online resource to help with tutoring mathematics, or answering mathematical questions I use   This website is very diverse and allows the user to input any mathematical equation, formula etc.   With subject areas of mathematics, such as calculus, has proved to be extremely beneficial, especially when working with difficult integrals and derivatives.    With the Pro version of this website, which is well worth its value, you will be provided step-by-step instructions on how to solve the particular problem that you have inputted.    Check out this website and explore the countless benefits it has to offer.   Keith

The Tutoring Experience

Anxious? Overzealous? Over-prepared? Tutoring Advanced Subjects for the first time is very different than tutoring basic math to a 5-year-old and 10-year old.  With younger children, it's necessary to change up how to teach them because not all children learn the same way.  Sometimes children find ways in which you end up doing the work.   Tutoring Calculus to a Pre-Calculus student for the first time made me very anxious.  Students are more knowledgeable so you don't know what they know and how much they know.  Explanations are required to be more concise.  However, the fear does not come from not knowing the subject, but from being able to translate what you know into words, and ensuring that the student understands that. Just as I want to succeed, I want to know that what I instill in them ensures their success.   If I learned one thing from tutoring an advanced subject, then what I learned were the following: 1. Practicing... read more

What to Watch out for on Standardized Tests

Hey folks,  I am sure many of you have plans of going to college or finishing up that last hectic year of school.  Well with these endeavors comes not only tests and quizzes created by books and your professors/teachers, but you also have to take nation and statewide test in order to pass and/or qualify for a position in a higher learning institute.  Such tests include the SAT, ACT, MCAT, etc.  What you want to remember about taking these tests is that these tests are testing you ability to locate small mistakes and easy to miss information.  They also want you to understand this material.  You have to be prepared for these easy to miss situations.  For example, I am sure you all have done a math question, felt like you did it perfectly correct only to find out that you actually got it incorrect.  Furthermore, the answer you got appeared as one of the answer choices!  Or you were on the right track to answering correctly, but made... read more

Physics and Mathematics

Two types of studies that many people despise the most are Science and Mathematics.  Some people cannot even stand to hear them mentioned.  Truth is, whatever you are actually extremely good at, others may need some improvement.  Although there are scientists and mathematicians out there who are able to analyze and engineer scary and complex looking graphs and three-dimensional shapes and models, they do have some weaknesses.  One of my weaknesses in academia is reading (especially when it is uninteresting to me).  I have struggled with reading for quite some time and there are times where I actually have to force myself to read, not because I can't do it, because I can.  This is the same for many others, it's not that you do not like math/science, its just you were taught to memorize it and not understand it.  Back when you did adding and subtracting, math was pretty fun right?  Well I am sure you will find science and more complex... read more

Grammar Police on AutoCorrect

Always remember that if you're submitting something to your teacher/professor/employer, make sure that you check and re-check what you wrote on your essay, paper, and/or cover letters.  AutoCorrect always has a tendency to embarrass us a little.  It may THINK that it knows what we originally intended to say, but sometimes manages to screw it up.  It may be amusing when the incorrect message was sent to a friend or to Ellen because you can laugh about it, or Ellen can share it to her audience during the "thumbsy clumsy" segment of her show; however, it may not be as amusing when the mistake is in your essay/paper that you are being graded on.   So, remember after doing your spell check, have another read through of your work and have another set of eyes to read it as well to avoid mistakes and the embarrassment of having one of your words autocorrected.    

And So Begins a New Season

Welcome,   This digital space will serve as a journal, an archive, and a vat of advice or conclusions from my tutoring experiences. I'm setting out today to begin actively pursuing tutoring opportunities through Wyzant's program, hoping to connect with students in the Decatur, GA area who are searching for some language help.   What to expect in the posts to come: -Successes in lesson planning and activities -Failures (shameful though they may be) -- this may actually end up being the most beneficial of them all. -Tips I've gleaned from my own teaching in the past -Narrative journeys through the lessons and their intricacies   I look forward to collaborating and swapping stories with readers. So by all means, shoot me a message at any time and I'll be happy to talk!   Peace, Eric N.

Parents wait! Why a study skills tutor is what your child REALLY needs

After a dozen years as a classroom teacher and private tutor, I know the routine well. Like clockwork, October and March bring new report cards and parents start to get nervous. “An F in chemistry? I’m afraid I can’t help you there; let’s find you a good chemistry tutor.” This is the kind of dialog I imagine taking place in many households around this time. And chemistry is just an example – “insert subject here” and the reaction is the same. But that low letter grade on a report card can indicate many things – maybe the teacher is bonkers; maybe one major assignment was weighted too heavily; maybe the student can’t see the board and is afraid to say anything; maybe that particular class is a source of social anxiety; etc. And let’s be honest – in most high school classrooms, students are essentially graded on their ability to keep track of, complete, and submit paperwork (i.e. homework), instead of their mastery of the material. (Not a good state of affairs, but... read more

Online Resources for studying Russian (Part 1)

On this website you can find books and texts in different languages with their literal translations into English and brief linguistic comments, These texts are structured on the basis of a special method, by Ilya Frank. Its main principle is that a text is divided into excerpts that you can read twice: the first time – with the English translation inserted into it in brackets and afterward – with no translation.  It's a great source. I've tried it for other languages and it really works. Here is a link for Russian language: (List of languages is on the left side).    BBC Languages ~~ Basics. A Guide to Russian: Facts, key phrases and the alphabet in Russian. No grammar.    BBC Russian service provided by the BBC Website in Russian. Great website. Explanation of Russian grammar, Forum -... read more

College Counseling Admission Success Stories

Here is a list of colleges to which my clients have been admitted: American University, Amherst, University of Alabama, Arcadia University, Art Institute of Chicago, Barnard, Clemson University, Coastal Carolina University, Columbia College Chicago, University of Delaware, Drexel University (multiple admissions), Drew University, Elon (multiple admissions), Fashion Institute of Technology, Fordham University, Guilford College (multiple admissions), Hofstra University, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (multiple admissions), Ithaca College, James Madison University (multiple admissions); Johnson and Wales University, LIM College, Loyola University Maryland, University of Maine, Marist College (prestigious freshman year in Florence program), University of Maryland-College Park (multiple admissions, including honors college), University of Baltimore County (all honors and Meyerhoff winner), University of Maine, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, University of Massachusetts-Boston,... read more

Wild about Italian

I am passionate about Italian.  I can help you build your vocabulary and fluency in Italian through stories, cartoons, fotoromanzi, songs, cooking. Let the Italian language come alive for you.  

Teacher of Language Skills ESL

I am a NYS Certified and accomplished teacher with unique skills in enabling students of all ages to feel free to express themselves in the foreign language, building fluency and confidence with each lesson. Students feel comfortable working with me one on one. I have taught grammar, phonics and vocabulary, reading and writing with much fun and success through the use of sitcom television shows, songs, cartoons, fun stories, activities and games.

Tech Tech and More Tech!

With the technological push drowning us with zillions of interactive make-life-easy options, people are loading up on technology like sugar during WWII! Kids have Wii's, iPads, smartphones, 4G connections, Kindles, and more. And that's at home! Many schools have joined Mission Technology in an effort to help children remain engaged in the classroom amidst our changing world. People think if they have the latest technology, they're the 'best on the block'! People believe that technology helps make reading and math easier for kids and communication easier for adults (which means gossip). People believe that if their HDTV streams Netflix movies while they check their online dating account using their ipad, and upload pictures using their smartphone, they've hit the mother load! While others allow their little ones to paint, sans the paint and the teens get to facebook and tweet and instagram on their smartphones until they fall asleep! Here's the truth. Unbalanced technology... read more

Words for spelling lists, phonics practice, root words and prefixes and suffixes

I found a great site that I use very often for coming up with words for spelling lists and for phonics and other things. It's called You can put in any letter or letter combination in any position in a word, and it will generate an extensive list of words for it. One thing I recently used it for was making spelling lists of words ending in -able and words ending in -ible for one of my middle-school students.   It's intended for crossword puzzles and word games like Scrabble, not directly for education -- but then, many of the most useful educational tools are things that weren't intended for education, if you're creative enough!  

WWTK: Online Resources

I've recently discovered several online resources that I find very helpful for the various subjects I tutor. Since my tutoring subjects break down into three broad categories (Math, English, and SAT Prep), I'll choose one from each category to discuss today.     SAT Prep For SAT preparation, you can't beat the College Board website ( There's no better way to prepare than to hear it directly from the test makers. In addition, twitter users can follow @SATQuestion to receive the official SAT Question of the Day on their feed each morning. Particularly now given the announcement of the impending redesign, staying connected to the College Board will keep you up to date on all the changes. There's a place on their website to sign up for email updates, so you'll never miss a thing!   Math Having recently started working with middle-school students, I found a sudden need for worksheets to practice with... read more

3 Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity

Unless you are traveling in a spaceship and moving close to the speed of light, time passes at the same rate for everyone. The Earth takes approximately 24 hours to complete one full rotation on its axis, which has resulted in a day being 24 hours long. So why do some people seem to be able to accomplish so much more when we all have the same amount of time in our day? Simply, they have mastered good time management skills. I have summarized 3 Time Management tips that I have condensed from a number of different resources. Hopefully, these will help you finish more tasks and get you closer to accomplishing your goals. 1) Create a Prioritized To-Do List At the beginning of every day, take 15 minutes to consciously decide how you want to spend your time. This is also called making a plan for your day. Write down everything you need to do that day. This list should include steps needed to complete a S.M.A.R.T. goal, tasks or project items for work or school,... read more

"Masha & Medved" can help you to learn Russian in a FUN WAY! ^^

These FUNNY cartoons are very easy to understand and are helpful for those who just started to study Russian or who is trying to improve it ~~~ ~~~ It's about Masha, a troublemaker little girl & her friend Bear. You don't have to speak Russian very well to understand these cartoons. Check them out, you won't regret it! It's a fun way to learn Russian! Let me know what how do you like them :)

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