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Hey all!    When it comes to tutoring sessions I think that it is so important for students to be engaged with the lesson.  Through my experience in teaching middle school I know that the more excited your kids are about learning the better it is!   Here's what I do: 1. Develop a report with the students- creating that bond is important for students to trust you to succeed.   2.  Make games out of homework help and studying- who said you had to sit and just memorize words! Lets make a game out of it!   3.  Relate the school work to real like- honestly, its hard to see the point of geometry for kids in middle school, but if you make the lessons and the work something related to their own life then they may be more interested.   4.  Keep it light!  Lessons dont have to be serious buckle down work- lets make it fun and talk about the text.   5.  Respect- I respect all my... read more

Since it's Thanksgiving week, let's think about pie for a second. No, not mathematical pi, just actual real edible pies. For Thanksgiving I'm in charge of making dessert, so I'll be bringing two pies, one pumpkin and one apple. Let's say that I sliced the apple pie into 12 pieces, and the pumpkin pie, since it held together better, into 18. Fast forward to the end of the evening. My pies were a big hit, and I have almost none left. In fact, all I have is three pieces of apple and four pieces of pumpkin. I want to combine the remaining slices into a single pie pan, so that they take up less space in the fridge. How do I figure out if my remaining pie will fit in one pan? Well, let's start by writing down the remaining amounts of pie in the form of fractions. Remember, one of the definitions of a fraction is parts of a whole, so let's apply that definition to figure out our starting fractions. The apple pie was cut into 12 pieces, and we have three... read more

1. Introduce students to the general subject in action in every day life. For example, if you are tutoring about "conduction and convection", ask students, "Have you noticed what happens to the surrounding temperature when you open a refrigerator ?" And let the student go into details about this experience. That way students are in control of the learning process.   2. Leave the big terms for the last minute! As in the example above, you can close that day's tutoring by introducing "conduction and convection" as a process the students described and formed in their minds.   3. Allow room for questions Even if questions are not related to the topic, let students have some fun. It is OK to go off tangent as long as the teacher and the student understand the limits and know not to be carried away.   4. Let students teach or tutor you or each other After presenting the idea to the student, let the student... read more

My 5 outside the box tips on making tutoring (or teaching, for that matter) fun:   1. Humor -- Always be tasteful, never insulting since the students lack confidence and thus are nervous. Breaking the ice with humor diverts students from their fears and redirects their focus to the subject.   2. Technology -- Instead of preventing students from accessing technology during tutoring sessions or class, allow them to access their technology, whether they have iPads, smartphones, or laptop computers. Many educational apps are available for all subjects, all grade levels. Students tend to be very engaged with their technology, even more than the teacher or tutor!   3. Facilitation -- Teachers and tutors actually have similar roles, but they differ in the sequence. Teachers are usually the first to give the information, which the student may or may not understand at first. A tutor is usually the next in line to help the student process the teacher's... read more

The word "tutoring" brings to mind a cartoon picture: an old lady with white hair sitting at a table drowning in big books and papers, tapping her ruler and demanding her student to pay attention!  This "tutor" is every kid's nightmare.  She is making school look like a trip to Disney World!   I can assure you that I am not that old lady.  I am fun!  I am funny!  And I am, in a way, just like a kid; I can relate to what they are going through, and when they meet me, they make a new friend.  Age goes out the window in the respect that, I make learning fun and the student then starts having fun while they are studying.  I have done everything you can think of to help students learn.  I will make up a dance and song if needed.  What is important to me is the passion behind what we learn.  If I can find something the student is passionate about, then I can relate this passion to any academic... read more

Accessibility is a very important element to ones success and this especially applies to teachers.  Following a lesson, students and parents may come up with questions not though of during the lesson and those questions could mean the difference between understanding and NOT understanding.  For that, it's imperative that teachers be available to the students and parents. 

I want to make it very clear of my cancellation policy to potential students as well as other tutors as I think it is important that all sides are clear on this topic. I take my tutoring of you and/or your children very seriously. Tutoring is like any other appointment and is not something that you do when you feel like it. Your education is important to me as well as it should be to you as well! Keeping to a tutoring schedule is crucial, and as such, it is also considerate to let me know if you want to cancel a session ahead of time. If you have an emergency, then I completely understand. If you decide that you have something else to do or planned your day poorly, then you will be charged accordingly. I have a very full schedule. Rescheduling should only be done in an emergency and if my schedule permits it. Cancellation Policy 24+ hours Notice of Cancellation: No fee 6-24 hours Notice of Cancellation: $25/hour 1-6 hours Notice... read more

Barbara A.Harder Becker RESUME:     1983 to June 2014 Detroit Country Day School Beverly Hills, MI Teacher/Coach/Advisor Edith May Sliffe Award Winner, 2008 §Calculus, Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Honors Geometry Instructor §  Curriculum Leader Mathematics PreK3-12, 2011-2014 §Faculty Advisor,  Peer  Tutorial  Service §  Faculty Tutor, Academic Enrichment §  Faculty Tutor, Tutorial Assistance Program,Academic Enrichment §Coordinator , Coach, Appraiser , Destination Imagination §  Assistant Advisor, Day Times Student Newspaper §  Advisor, Guitar Club, Magic Club, Cultural Insights Club §  Organizer, Michigan Math Prize Competition Math Luncheon §  Chairperson,Faculty Advisory Council, 2008-2010 §  Representative, Curriculum Leadership Council 2008-2014 §  Past... read more

How to raise math confident girls (or boys) Most people would be surprised to know that math was my worst subject in elementary and high school (B on my otherwise perfect A report card). English and Social Sciences came much easier for me. I still was able to study engineering at a very highly ranked engineering institution (Go Blue). I still graduated from high school with Calculus 1&2 under my belt. I knew I wanted to be a scientist since I Was four. Reaching your goals, and mastering math and science is not completely about skill but is mostly persistence. I actually hate when people say that “Oh you are an engineer. You must be smarter than everyone. Math is soo hard.” It makes math and science look like fields only obtainable for the special few. The truth is everyone can master these subject. My first job is to instill confidence that my students can do this. The next step is to gain mastery of the subject. This sometimes takes going back to the basics of mathematics... read more

This month alone to make lessons interesting at least and fun I did the following: 1) I listened to what two of my students like in addition to their academic pursuits such as playing piano and surprised each with a new music songs book 2) I create mnemonic aids such as Yea = Mix and Bake that when repeated becomes yea, mix cookie mix and bake it. The Y=Mx + B is the slope formula. 3) I meet students at libraries and offer book hunts, a computer session, or the thoughts of future with announcements on the lobby's board of forthcoming movies and other events as relief to the grind. 4) I bring play money to young childrens' lessons. 5) I present my students with holiday greeting cards and in December of 2014 it occurred to me that it might be fun for parents and young children to fill a Letters to Santa mailbox that I will bring to lessons and make contact to parents and/or students around October.  All of these are pleasantries and fun for me too.d 

We grow , grow and we glow, Like glitters on the snow land, From head to little tiny toe, With music from the local band. Our muscles widened from thirteen, We are getting taller as all teens, We dream through deep transparent cloud, Our voices deeper and too loud, Emotions `re jumping in the soul, We can not achieve the goal, It`s too early, it`s too row, Like dough on fast yeast we grow, Five more years -I`m an adult Gorgeous, handsome and too smart.

My Big Secret A lot of people give me flattering feedback which I greatly appreciate, but it also humbles me to recognize that I am not special. I am certainly no genius! Let me share my secret. The reason I connect with students and get fast results is because I know exactly how they feel. I know their frustrations, and doubts, and weak points. I really do! How? Because I used to struggle too. It seems insane to say that I struggled in school, but it is true. Math (back in Scotland) was a nightmare - especially math. I was lousy at math all the way through! What? Yes. And now you want to tutor my child!?!? Yep! My secret is this ..... When I graduated from school my overall grades were good enough to get into university - all except math. I made the first (of many stupid decisions in my life). I signed up for Mechanical Engineering. Wasn't that crazy? That first year in college was horrible. I groaned and... read more

Due to winter weather and my use of the bus system, my tutoring guidelines have changed. Please review the new guidelines below, and let me know if you have any questions. Changes from the old guidelines are typed in bold print. As a tutor, you will find me friendly, flexible, and committed to your success. I look forward to finding lesson times, study methods, and learning styles that work for your specific needs. I am happy to let you direct your own learning process as much as you want. However, guidelines are necessary in any business relationship so that everyone is on the same page. Below are the guidelines for adults who are studying with me. This document tells you what you can expect from me and what I expect from you. By beginning tutoring with me, you are agreeing to these terms. I am so excited to work with you! :) Adult Tutoring Guidelines God willing, you can expect me to: 1) Be respectful and positive in the learning process 2) Be... read more

I've been through a long journey with music, and have changed my style and genre focus according to what is fun for me. Music is my profession and my passion, so if I'm not absolutely loving it, why bother?   Here are my tips that make my tutoring fun!   1. ASK QUESTIONS! What does my student want to learn? What musicians do they admire? Who do they want to sound like? What songs do they want to cover? Why do they love music so much? This lesson isn't about me, it's about the student. I'm here to help them along on their journey, and give them the skills and reinforcement they need to get there!   2. BE SILLY! Music is personal, and I have experienced musician's shyness myself from time to time. By letting my students know that lesson time is the time to learn, be silly, be yourself, and make mistakes, they can let go of needing to feel "perfect" and just focus on improving! Music isn't about perfection, it's about expression.   3... read more

I have a daughter and when she need help for her homework and ask me. I use this tips: 1) Use examples using things close to person and his/her age. 2) I always take a paper and do some draw or sketches 3) Sometimes I compare the situation with a movie that we has watched and the person remind. 4) Is important to use physical objects so the person can remind it. 5) I love to add some hilarious events, or actions to be the explanation fun and easy to remember that moment. This is what happen some days ago. She (10) was studying american geography, the first colonies... so need to remind the first states and capital cities. For each capital I used a different strategy... but she couln't remember North Caroline's. She search in her phone to see the answer. Raleigh! she said. And I said: "Wow! I think that Leelo (our dog) is from there!. Check her belt and see if it says Raleigh." Of course I have no idea where the dog come from. lol... But the... read more

I am a High School Science Teacher and we deal with a lot of word problems that contain many variables that could fit into many different equations. Here is how I break down the content step by step for my students.      Physics Problem A box is accelerating across a frictionless surface. It is being pushed with 75 newtons of force and the has a mass of 10 kilograms. What is the magnitude of the box's acceleration?   1) You want to identify and label all variables presented to you in the problem.      Ex: F = 75 N, m = 10 kg   2) Identify and Label the Variable the question is asking you to find.      Ex: a = ?   3) List possible known equations that have the variable you need to solve for.      Ex: a = v/t            F = ma   4) Choose the equation that has variables that are known from the problem.  ... read more

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