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Spring brush up!

Hello, all  WyzAnt viewers, keep in mind  the Summer is  around the corner, a perfectly relaxing time of year to brush up on all areas of study . Hopefully, I can help you achieve your goals ....Patricia L.   

Biology Study Techniques

I just began tutoring a new student in 10th grade Biology.  Biology is my favorite subject and as we were going over terminology and concepts and processes in each section I thought it might be helpful to outline elements that can help in the general study of biology.  I thought this would be a great time to reference some good study techniques from a biological perspective:  I organized my notes into list of 4 valuable concepts.   1.  Take notes:  Obviously right? of course but listen... More than any other subject taking notes in biology is crucial.  Almost all the information that is introduced each lesson is packed with new terms, new concepts and new images of the material.  Taking notes in the form of term definitions, paragraphs describing a process, or drawings is a way to stay on top of complex new material.  I recommend taking notes on a white piece of computer paper without lines, this helps the student to learn... read more

Escape The Rut: Free Your Creative Mind

Have you ever felt like you have fallen into a rut, stuck doing the same things, with no noticable improvement in the quality of your life, career, or relationships? Falling into a rut means you are following tried-and-true but well worn steps instead of taking a chance or exploring new areas. What is the primary reason we do this? Fear.   Most people make their decisions based on some level of fear. “If I try that, I might fail.”, or “If I do this, others will think poorly of me.” or the big one: “If I take a chance, I might end up living in a van down by the river.” Fear is the biggest factor that holds people back from trying new things and fulfilling their dreams. I better not chance it; it’s just too risky. Don’t get me wrong; we live in dire economic conditions right now. There are millions of people in this country out of work or under-employed, so there are real-world consequences to going off on a new path on a whim. The fear of losing... read more

SAT / ACT Test Taking Tips

Be Prepared! The night before, collect: plenty of sharpened #2 pencils an eraser a small pencil sharpener (in case your pencils break during the exam) a watch (you cannot rely on the proctor and there may not be a wall clock or it may be on the wall behind your seat) your calculator your admission ticket your identification  directions to the testing center tissues medicine (if necessary) disposable earplugs (if you find the background noise of people coughing and fidgeting distracting)   (   ( It may be helpful to collect these items in a clear plastic (Ziploc) bag that you can grab and go in the morning. If you have to search for these items in the morning, you are likely to forget something or become frazzled. Eat a substantial breakfast that will provide you with sufficient energy throughout the test... read more

ACT Prep - The Friday Before Test Day

ACT Prep - The Friday Before Test Day For those of you taking the ACT in the next couple days, your fastidious and dedicated preparation routine is coming to an end. Whether you studied five hours a day for three months, two hours a day for one month, or merely crammed the last week and a half, it doesn’t matter anymore. All of that is immaterial now. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and exhale. Release any lingering rumination about what you could have done, should have done, or might have altered within your study routine. Let. It. Go. It’s nearly game time, and the only thing left for you to do is get yourself ready for the big test. Over the years, I’ve worked with a number of students preparing for both the SAT and the ACT. For some reason, I routinely encounter students possessed by the urge to study relentlessly the day before the test. This is NOT advisable for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the likelihood that you will absorb anything... read more

Math Challenge Problem #1

You are playing a game involving three dice. You can choose to bet on any number from 1 to 6. I'll roll the three dice. If: - none shows your number, you lose $1 - one shows your number, you win $1 - two show your number, you win $3 - three show your number, you win $5 What is the expected value of this game?  Email your answer so as not to ruin the challenge for others. 

Pre-School: What is Learning Readiness?

Learning readiness refers to the process by which children under the age of 6 prepare for direct instruction in reading and math. Prior to the age of 6, it is developmentally inappropriate for most children to receive any kind of direct instruction in reading or math. Instead, children should be exposed to rich vocabulary (through songs and stories) and build social skills as well as fine and gross motor abilities.    According to child development specialists, “Learning progress may actually be slowed by overly academic preschool experiences that introduce formalized learning experiences too early for a child’s developmental status.” —Rebecca Marcon, Developmental Psychologist   Furthermore, "Early learning programs that are appropriate for a child’s developmental level provide opportunities to learn through play and hands-on exploration. Through this type of learning, children test new knowledge in a relaxed setting and then naturally... read more

Commuting to Tutor

I am new to the Wyzant website and have been assigned my first student to tutor. The student lives about 30 miles away from my current location. I am charging 30 dollars per hour, 45 for two hours and 60 for three hours. I am not aware of the proper etiquette when it comes to tutoring and was wondering if meeting at a location between our homes would be an idea okay to propose.   Any suggestions would be beneficial.   Thanks   Keith M.

¡Olé! Helping Students Succeed in Spanish since 2004!

¡Hola!     Do you want to improve your Spanish skills? I've been teaching students just like you for 10 years! I have lots of tips & tricks to help you do your very best in speaking, reading, writing & listening in Spanish! How can I help you do your very best? By finding out about YOU!!       Did you know that people learn in different ways? We are all different and our differences make us who we are! ¡Qué chévere! How cool! Here are some questions to ask yourself: What do you feel you're pretty good at? What are your hobbies? What other subjects do you enjoy? How do you learn best? For example, do you learn better by watching someone do something new or by listening to someone explain what to do? Or do you learn best by doing something hands on?       By getting to know how you learn best, you'll have the tools to help you succeed in anything you do! I can offer you the most effective strategies to... read more

French resources -- Duolingo App

One of my favorite French resources is an app called Duolingo. Duolingo is free and it provides an easy way to track your progress and set goals for yourself. It's set up like a game and you win points for correct answers, and you can 'compete' with your friends at different levels. It also requires that you "strengthen your skills", which keeps your memory fresh and up to date by having you repeat certain parts of a lesson that you haven't encountered within a certain period of time. Duolingo is a great supplementary resource to go alongside formal classes, tutoring, or self-instructed study, and it's really fun and even addicting! Even as a fairly fluent French-speaker, I enjoy the vocabulary and grammar games because they help keep me engaged in learning and remind me of vocabulary words that I don't often use. I've also used it to start developing a basic vocabulary in German, Spanish, and Italian. Duolingo is available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, and... read more

Tutor for hire!

Hi y'all!   I'm excited about the opportunity to tutor and get support you on the path of knowledge.  I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.   Here's to growing, learning, and bettering ourselves!   Jon

Reading Your Way to an Exceptional Vocabulary

As students prepare for standardized tests for college admission, "Vocabulary" suddenly becomes an important subject.  Both the Writing and Critical Reading sections of the SAT reward a strong vocabulary. I try to emphasize to students that having a college (adult) level vocabulary will continue to reward them far beyond a one-day test.     Studying SAT related vocabulary books is certainly worthwhile in the weeks before a test day, but I would like to reach out also to students who are still a few years away from college entrance concerns. The best way to build a rich and useful vocabulary is to read books, magazines, and newspapers that are well-written (e-books and online sources definitely count!) When you read great writing you will not only improve your vocabulary but also your writing and your critical thinking.     Your reading can and should be varied.  Admittedly, I do love literature that has been relevant to... read more

Are there two kinds of math students?

I once heard the following remark from an acquaintance: “There are two kinds of math students: those who get it the first time, and those who never do.” I will never forget how this comment silenced us, a small group of friends who were all hanging out and discussing what careers we wanted to pursue. What silenced us was not just the cruelty of the remark, but that the speaker was an aspiring math teacher who was working as a tutor while completing his undergraduate math degree. I had just asked him what it was like to tutor math. Apparently, his answer constituted his entire teaching philosophy. What I have observed throughout my experience as a tutor is the complete opposite of his claim. Every mind is different and requires a different key to unlocking understanding. It is a matter of the student putting in the time, trying different approaches to problems, and finding what way his/her own mind learns. If the student makes unsatisfactory progress with a certain tutor,... read more

New Tutor: How Hard Could it Be?

I don't think I've ever posted my own blog. But we get free rewards points so whoop whoop!   I was looking through the jobs that were local to me and was about to click 'apply' and chickened out. I know that I know enough about what they are needing help with, (High school Math and Science), but I'm a little nervous to ask someone to pay me $36/hr, and not be able to help. I would feel a little guilty about that. Has anyone else experienced this?   Would it be prudent to perhaps conduct the first one or two sessions for free, in order for the clients to judge whether I am in fact helping? I don't want to give my services away for free, but thinking it might be a good idea to do so, just to get my professional tutor legs under me!  

Northern California: from a San Diego resident perspective

I have been living in the San Diego area of California, since I left military service in 2010.  After serving for 10 years, in the United States Navy, I decided to complete my degree and to also establish myself as an independent business owner.  As a result of this decision, I have had to travel to the northern California areas of Los Angeles and Hollywood, quite often - for business.  However, most of those times were for events that helped to promote new business opportunities, as a freelance photographer, on assignment shooting various events.     On my most recent trip, I had the pleasure of being a part of one of the most memorable experiences that I have had to date, as a professional.  I was asked to meet a couple (who had been dating and living together for a long time), in Manhattan Beach, Ca., as they took one of their typical strolls along the beach - which was a block away from their home.  For this particular occasion,... read more

My Favorite on line resources for English students is

Hello Ace students!  My most trusted web site for English students is This source not only  provides a quick source to help you define words you  might chose to use in term papers, it also provides other learning tools such as:"the word of the day" that can be sent to you re mail address free of charge.  In addition to providing a new word from Webster's Dictionary daily, the source defines the word, uses it in a sentence and provides the language  from which it came. This resource will enable you to write more scholarly viable papers as your vocabulary grows.  The e-mail feature allows allows you to share the "Word of the Day with friends and family. This is a great resource andI hope you will explre it and then use it for your writing and research needs.  Keep learning!!

Under the Table, Losing Business

Hello Fellow Tutors,   I have lost two tutoring clients due to my honesty. I'm not asking for a medal or anything, but I'm wondering how best to handle this situation AND keep the business.   The first time was subtle. We met through Wyzant of course and it had never even occurred to me to discount my rate and NOT use Wyzant. Partly because of tax season and partly, because, well, we had met through Wyzant! I was surprised by this suggestion and just said softly, "I would prefer to go through Wyzant." I never heard from this client again.   The second time was more obvious after I billed one session through Wyzant. He sent me a message through Wyzant that simply said, "Call me I want to talk to you." Okay, no problem. I did and was asked if we could, "work something out." Immediately, I am suspicious. After my clarification, I realized I would definitely be making about $4 more per session than I would through... read more

Is Standardized Testing Effective in Determining Success in College?

Test prep companies have been teaching students how to beat standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT for years. The simple truth is that these exams measure how well you take exams, not your aptitude or your ability to do college work. In some cases there may be a direct correspondence: students who have excellent grades have correspondingly excellent scores. And yet, there is a not-insignificant group of students with outstanding grades and poor scores. Does this mean standardized testing is unreliable? Or that it fails to consistently predict student success? Not exactly, and yes, respectively. Let’s back up for a moment and talk about the single best input for determining college success: the high school GPA. Time and time again a high correlation has been shown between success and engagement in academics in high school (as represented by an unweighted GPA) and performance in college. That’s because the GPA is a many-faceted guage. It samples various different... read more

RE: Resource for Grammar and other ESL Topics

A resource I find helpful is It is very good in writing and vocabulary. These lessons only require registration--they are free. I find that they are good practice or homework that go along well with tutoring.

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