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It is important to have someone that is trained and certified in the day to day procedures, management, direction, and processing of payroll. A common misconception is payroll consist of only printing checks. Maybe, you are asking yourself what is evolved in payroll?    Find A System Monitor First, you have to find a system to monitor and track the time of your employees.  You have to decide if that system will be electronic or manual.  You know still enter your time into a printed timesheet.  A more accurate choice would be electronic processing. Electronic processing involves the use of a time clock or a kiosk machine, and your employees can log in and out to track time. Gather All Time Cards And/Or Electronic Entries Second, gather all time cards or electronic entries and forward to manager, ect to verify the hours reported by the employee is correct. You will have to make corrections and changes... read more

The IRS have opened up form 8863 Education Credit and you can file that form now. Many other credits are still not ready and taxpayers await these in order to file. What is my opinion as a tax professional for 26 year? See below. TAX PLANNING: It is perfectly legal to plan your tax affairs to your advantage as long as you don't break Tax Law. Many people don't know this. Some avoid tax professionals, claiming that they file their own taxes yearly... WORD OF ADVICE----when you are sick you visit a doctor, when you car needs repairs you take it to the mechanic---Trust me if you don't take your taxes to a seasoned tax preparer , I guarantee you that you are losing out on solid TAX PLANNING ADVICE ... Food for thought.

Congratulations to CHRIS, for getting A's in some very challenging business courses. You are taking a heavy load of classes, plus you have other multiple responsibilities. You deserve a lot of credit for your good work in your Information Systems, Financial Accounting II, Management, and other classes. You're headed for success. Keep up the good work!

Today was another great day for tutoring. The first student I tutored is in grade 4. I have been tutoring her for two hours each week for ELA and Mathematics. For the most part, she is good with Math, just needs some help with probabilities. Her main problem is Reading Comprehension and ELA. We have done prefix, suffix, grammar and vocabulary, and now she seems like she is doing so much better. However, her writing needs much improvement. I tried so many things including having her practice writing comparison sentences by looking at pictures. I had her write a paragraph about two sports, one she liked more than the other, as well cause and effect and a variety of sentences and paragraphs. Just as I was about to bite my nails she finally did it. I was so happy. I only had to make a few corrections, but overall, her writing had improved so much. She looked at me when she saw the joy and astonishment in my eyes, and said teasingly, "don't you believe in me Miss Gil... read more

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