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Hello! This whole site is pretty new to me, but I wanted to briefly show my interests and experiences, as they are fairly diversified: Sciences: As noted above, most of my experience is with chemistry. Organic Chemistry is my specialty, but I am also familiar with Inorganic Chemistry. I've been a Teaching Assistant for college freshman level courses through upper level chemistry courses. I started off as a Biology/Pre-med major, so courses like Physics and Biology are high on my understanding. Tutoring in most of the sciences will be my highest level of knowledge/experience. Math: I was a mathematics minor as an Undergraduate, so I am very familiar with a fair amount of mathematics divisions. Calculus is fairly fresh, but I am most proficient with Algebra. I have a secret love of the mathematics, so tutoring math in some way would definitely be great. Dance: I just noticed that dance was an option for the "subjects", so I listed it. I am a Lindy Hop dancer... read more

Argentine Tango is a passionate social partner dance that can be learned by anyone and danced anywhere in the world. Tango is all about connection with yourself and your partner! It is based on ones ability to be fully present, to listen, to trust, to lead and follow, to create in the moment. After learning some basics, a student will learn how to improvise and create a new dance that reflects a different style of music, different feeling, different dynamic each time. Argentine Tango is as simple and as complex as any relationship. It takes willingness and commitment to create a graceful relationship dance on and off the dance floor. It also takes patience with oneself and your partner to communicate and move as one. I welcome you to this journey! Let's TANGO!

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