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Ten Steps to a Perfect Scan

If you don’t see the options listed below, look in the scanner software for ‘Advanced’ or ‘Expert’ controls or tools. The ‘Basic’ or ‘Quick’ options will not give you the desired results. 1) Place the original on the scanner. TIP: Before you place the original on the scanner, clean and dry the glass thoroughly. Fingerprints and dust will ruin your scan and require re-touching. Don’t spray ammonia directly on the glass. Instead, spray glass cleaner, or monitor cleaner, on a soft, clean cloth and wipe with that. TIP: Make the original as flat as possible. You may have to lay a book on top of it, or hold it with your hand during the scan. Most scanners have a removable cover. (Don’t break the glass or force the cover.) 2) Launch the scanner software . . . a) as a stand-alone program. This makes ‘batch scanning’ easier, since the program allows you to scan many images quickly, one after the other, saving the files as you go without closing the scanner program... read more

Photoshop doesn't have to be so hard

I was really amazed to see in the latest edition of the Oxford Dictionary that Photoshop is now listed as a verb. The fact that the dictionary is listing it as a verb is not that amazing but that it took so long to do so. For years we have heard people say “Can you Photoshop this?” or “I bet that was Photoshopped” meaning that the image was changed using Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop has now been with us for twenty years and has been used to not only “fix photos” but to change how we perceive photography now. No longer do we say seeing is believing when it comes to images. Models get thinner on the page and people or things can disappear with just a few clicks. On TV they seem to work magic with blurry images from video cameras in parking garages that in real life are lucky to be able to tell the difference between daylight and night. So it is no surprise that in class my students are always looking for that one click fix or the easy button for anything they... read more

Photoshop for Everyone!

More people are using Photoshop every day, as well as its kid sister, Photoshop Elements. Not just photographers, designers, and artists, but also small business owners, event promoters, high school kids, and their moms and dads - they're creating postcards, comic books, newsletters, enhancing photos of their products, or sending cool pix to their friends, and using Photoshop to make all their pictures better. Because Photoshop and Photoshop Elements have SO many options, they can be incredibly frustrating to a novice. The tools are powerful, but not always intuitive, even for a professional photographer. Before you ever launch the program, you must figure out what you want to do with it. Then you can learn how to accomplish that task step-by-step. And on the way, you'll learn so much more. There are three basic purposes for using Photoshop: 1) You can enhance any photograph. That crooked vacation photo with the weird yellow tone can be made beautiful in about... read more

Build A Better Photograph, A Discplined Approach To Creativity

The title of this article is also the title of my recently released book. It can be found here: If you are going to graduate from college soon or have been working in the field for about 3-5 years, then this book will speak to you. It is a book about thinking and includes some of my experiences in being a self-employed visual artist. Pick up a copy and add it to your collection, I'm sure you'll find it useful. Thanks!

Digital Beast Blog

As I already have a blog and do not wish to repeat myself, please visit this site to read more about what I have to say: If you like what I have to say here, you may enjoy reading my new book: Thank you and do good work! Michael

Gallery Opening

Come down to Butterfield Garage Gallery, located at 137 King Street, St. Augustine, FL to check out my Featured Artist Show, Storytelling! Runs through July 31, 2009. The subject matter varies, involving everything from underwater worlds and natural environments, to celebrity portraits. Various mediums ranging from Watercolor, Acrylic, Woodcuts, Gouache, Digital Manipulation, and everything in between is featured.

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