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Although there are many things you will learn in your academic career that you may never use again, there are just as many that you will use on a regular basis or will come in handy when you least expect it. The basics of any subject will never let you down. You DO need to know how to add, subtract, multiply and divide in YOUR HEAD. Why? Because people make mistakes when inputting data into calculators and computers. The answer that comes out of those devices is only as good as the data that went in. If you are shopping and something is advertised as 25% percent off, you should be able to do the mental math to determine if it really is a good deal or not. When applying for a job and writing a cover letter or resume, you better be using grammatically correct sentence structure or the person who is reading either one will decide that if you can't write a simple cover letter, you aren't worth the time to interview. Learning about cultures other than your own will be invaluable... read more

Summer break is on its way for many students. For most kids, summer is a time to relax and try not to think about school for a few months. Unfortunately kids have a difficult time retaining what they have learned, so teachers have to start over at the beginning of the following school year. That is where summer tutoring comes in. If a student has fallen behind through the school year, summer is a great time to catch up. If a student is already doing well, but would like more in-depth study in reading or writing, summer is a great time to get ahead. I am just beginning to tutor students in English (reading, writing, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and proofreading) and look forward to helping others love the English language as much as I do. So if you are a parent whose child needs help in language arts, or if you are an older student who needs help with literature and writing papers, I would love to work with you! As an incentive, I am offering a limited-time discounted... read more

Hi WyzAnt readers, I'd love to start blogging my tutoring experiences. This is to keep a record for myself, my students, and other teachers and people of interest. I am here on WyzAnt to get experience teaching students of all ages in as many subjects as possible. I love reading, writing, and literary subjects. I have been a student for 22 years, and after finishing my degree in Comparative Literature at Rutgers University, I am interested in giving back to the community. I have had minimal experience helping friends with editing their papers or talking them through situations, but tutoring one-on-one is new for me! I appreciate all feedback and critique so I can produce the best results for my students. My first session with N was excellent! N is a special needs student-adult in need of help organizing thoughts from mind to paper. Isn't it easy to think or talk about something, but sometimes that same subject proves difficult once trying to really express it? All... read more

"Lisa tutored my son, James, for two years through his 5th grade year, during the summer before 6th grade and the whole year of 6th grade. Lisa asked me what areas James needed help in, and then she got in contact with his teacher and stayed in contact throughout the whole school year. She gave me feedback on what the teacher's concerns were. She worked with James on the projects he was dealing with in his classroom. On the days he did not have anything, she had resources/writing activities prepared for him to work on. She is on time, patient and never in a hurry to see James go. Lisa showed concern and asked questions. She kept communication open with me. I always knew what they had worked on, or even what I could work on with him, or what he needed to finish. James felt comfortable with Lisa. She was enthusiastic about his progress. I could sense the build up of pride that James had when Lisa went over what they did that hour. The papers that James wrote with Lisa are... read more

What should my child know by the end of the school year? This is a very common question for concerned parents. Each state has a list of Grade Level Content Expectations, also known as GLCEs. In Michigan, you can take a look at this website to find out the GLCEs for your child's grade:,1607,7-140-28753_33232---,00.html Not a very pretty url, but very informative. In an ideal world, all children would accomplish all the goals each year AND retain the information to make a smooth start into the next school year. This does not happen for all children. As an educator for over fifteen years, I witnessed very successful students rise to the top of the class, and students who needed to be retained in order to be successful. It takes the commitment of dedicated parents to ensure their child or children are ready to succeed. There are many other factors that go into a child's success in school, such as attitude, ability, and opportunity. Children... read more

Do you wait until the LAST MINUTE to complete that all important paper that was assigned to you a while back and you have put it off until the last minute? No worries, as I am here to proofread and edit your paper and send it back, ready to be printed and turned in. I know that when I was in college, I had so many things going on, including working two jobs, and student teaching, that quite often I was pulling an "all nighter" in order to get a paper turned in on time. You can send your paper to me, and I can go over it with a fine tooth comb and send it back to you in time to print it and turn it in on time. So, if this is something you are interested in, send me a message and let me know your circumstance (when the paper is due, what the assignment topic is, etc.) and I will work my schedule so that I can have your paper back to you in time. I just did this for a young lady yesterday, and it worked out well for us both. I will be sure to check my account several... read more

I find that a very common confusion when first learning any language is the confusion of nouns and verbs. The best thing to do is to make sure the student has a firm understanding of parts of speech in English. This way, when the confusion arises you can ask the student what function the word serves in the sentence. Also, many times students try to apply verb rules to nouns and visa versa. When first learning a language (especially Latin), it is important to focus on each word in the sentence and understand its function and why it looks the way it does (ie. endings for verbs, nouns, adjectives). These are easy to correct when caught early, but once it's an engrained habit, it is much more difficult to address.

This afternoon, I found myself writing to one of my ESL students: ______________________ Hello, XXXXXX--- I am imagining you and your dog having a fine time at the cabin as I write this. I bet you are in the cabin as well. In the first sentence at the cabin is correct, just as you would say "I am at home" rather than in home. It would also be correct to say "I'm in the house" rather than outside in the yard. When you are at home, the yard is included. When you are in the house, the yard is excluded. With cabin, the same word is used both ways. When you are at the cabin, the exterior property is included, but when you are in the cabin, it is excluded. By the way, while you might be in your yard, you would be on your property. ______________________ Preposition problems are common to all but the most advanced English language learners, including many native speakers. After sending my student this email, I realized the word office... read more

For twenty-three years, working with Kindergarten through eighth grade in a classroom setting, working in three different private Christian schools. Including tutoring after school. Using the Spalding Reading, Writing and Spelling method, to teach reading, which is a phonics program developed for students with dyslexia, has been a great tool. Teaching Grammar and Language Arts to Russian-speaking students, in their home, after school. Tutored a math student with special needs, for the West Linn/Wilsonville High School. I started to work as a secretary in a charter high school. Three years ago, I retired from the office work. However, I am still tutoring. Presently, I am tutoring a 6th grade boy who has Downs’s syndrome plus Asperser Autism syndrome. We have made great progress with the multiplication table. Although it has been challenging for both of us, we have found ways for him to learn, and the rewards are, the wonderful new confidence he has in himself... read more

The ELAs are coming. Is your child ready? Well, if your child was not practicing reading, vocabulary and math for a few hours per week, there is a great chance that you need a tutor to explain the subject curriculum one more time. As the time goes by, the memory fades away. My students play games that help to train their memory, speed and attention. Education is a year long (including summer time) process that is built up by understanding simple things that will help your child to gain a better knowledge and understanding of next grade math, language, and other subjects. Please do not procrastinate! Alexei M.

I enjoy helping students with their education. It is vital to me that we all learn and do our best. I encourage students to work hard and I find the best way to make lessons fun. Say we are working on spelling and you just cant seem to spell I have them practice with me out loud, write them three times or more, use them in sentences and definitions. I also have them use them in games like Scramble, Family Feud, etc... Some of my other tutoring techniques speed reading, word association. I have a passion for writing so I have students brain storm, use writing webs, we discuss and research their topic before writing. In science and reading I make sure that they truly understand the chapter, as we both work through the chapter review to prepare for the test. Also we defined and spell the vocabulary. I use phonics and other resources. I have them work on math assignments independently and with me. I give extra work and discuss and practice it. this will help them better understand... read more

A study techniques can be utilized to tackle any subject, especially when you are required to retain information on multiple subjects. There are many techniques that can be used and some of which I found helped me survive both undergraduate school and graduate school. I've listed some of them below for you and provide an explanation of each. 1. Mnemonics or mnemonic device - is a learning technique that aids memory. To improve long term memory, mnemonic systems are used to make memorization easier. They do so by increasing efficiency of the process of consolidation of facts and information. This process involves the conversion of short term memory to long term memory. 2. Outlining - This should be a two step process. You should begin outlining at the beginning of the course and continually updating the outline as the course proceeds. During your finals week, you should then take your long course outline and condense it down to a two page key word memory jogger or concept... read more

Wow!!!!!!! I just cannot believe that Spring Break is almost here!!!!!! Ready...Set...WRITE!!!!!!! Yeah, you heard right! WRITE!!!!!! It's great practice and will strengthen not just your writing skills, but also your reading and grammatical skills. Write about anything - places you visited, people you met - maybe even a Spring Break crush! Write a poem or collection of poems, or keep a journal where you can write and draw - HAVE FUN WITH IT! Writing is not just a job...IT'S AN ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!!

Excuses we've all heard: TMH- Too much homework IT- I'm tired TIM- Teacher is mean IDFG- I don't feel good OKDM- Other kids distract me ... The list goes on and on right? Now is the time to get your child/ren back on track by helping them get excited about learning again. Instead of feeling like school is a chore, Break those boring habits by emailing me and I'll tell you more! I look forward to hearing from you soon :-) Ms. Harper

When I teach languages I basically work on the student’s grammar and pronunciation. Vocabulary is also important, and I encourage my students to use the language as much as they can. This can take the passive form of reading, watching TV, or listening to the radio; or it can take the active form of speaking to others in the language they want to learn and writing in the language. This can take the form of a journal. Languages are like the piano. If you do not practice, you will not be able to speak well. Grammar is the building block of a language. It tells you how to put the words that you know into sentences. Perhaps children can learn a language without knowing grammar, but most adults need grammar to learn a new language. Pronunciation is important. Sometimes it can determine whether the speaker is understood. For some, communication is the chief goal, and having a really good pronunciation is not that important. For others it is important to speak a language well, and... read more

For the past five years, I have worked in multiple online areas: social media, graphic design, web development, etc. I discovered that online collaboration tools are a very unique and diverse way to keep up with and practice different activities. I would like to motivate students to participate in online tutoring sessions. I am not saying this should be a substitute to face to face sessions, but it a nice little way for students to get their online "fix" during the week and be reminded about what they are learning. If you are interested in adding an online session to your student's weekly tutoring, let me know. There are many ways to have video chats and also interactive tools for completing different tasks.

I think is doing a great job bringing together students and tutors. Even though some tutors charge up to $70/hour and higher, it is hard to see my qualifications until you try. Therefore, I charge $25/hour so that the potential students would try me out and see how good I am on the background of professors and teachers. I am trying to bring affordable tutorials to my students for them to know that good tutors are not the most expensive ones.

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