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NIC and State Board of Cosmetology Test

Why most people have a hard time on there first try to pass the State Board Exam?  Nerves has been the number one answer that seems to come up when asked that question.  Answer:  It's extremely important to prepare for exam day; be on time, to figure everything out.  Its a fact that being on time is 90 percent of the stress reduction. 

Experienced Cosmetology Educator

HI FUTURE PROFESSIONALS!!!!          My name is Lisa and I am a Licensed and experienced Teacher and Cosmetologist. Having several years as a hairstylist, a learning leader for successful graduates of Paul Mitchell Schools, I am available to offer my fun and exciting teaching methods with you.       I will prepare lesson plans based on your individual learning styles to enrich and build your confidence to help you pass you NJ State Exam. I will assist with preparation for  both written and practical exams.          I look forward to being a part of your success!!! Welcome to an exciting career in the beauty industry!!!   Best Regards, Lisa H.

A Tutor with an attitude of patience and good listening skills.

Hi Friends: Although retired from the medical field, I am qualified in several different subjects and I have gone through many certification processes to do so. At this stage in my life being a Tutor is so rewarding. Tutoring not only benefits the student but the Tutor as well. Learning is a daily process, and if we learn to focus on what our goals are day by day, then and then only, will we begin to accomplish them. I am prepared to Tutor your children, grandchildren and actually, children of all ages! My experience is in various fields and here is a list of subjects that I am qualified and certified to Tutor you, or your child in... * Reading: Comprehension * Nutrition: Naturopathy-Medical Science, Licensed, ND., Ph.D. * Test Prep: Cosmetology- Licensed with the Florida State Board), also SAT, FCAT, ACT's. * Grammer: Proper rules and formations in speaking and writing. If you have a child of Elementary School age that needs help over the summer months,... read more

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