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S. had her first try at gesture drawing at a horse farm in her neighborhood. We lasted about 20 minutes: though it was fun, the bugs were biting. We returned home and S. tried her first sketches of trees. Again - the bugs were too annoying, so we went inside the house and reviewed recent homework. S.'s homework was adequate but it is clear that she needs to move away from dependence on line. Conceptually, she understands gesture drawing and how to build a more finished work over a gesture drawing. We spoke about the "spirit" of a drawing and why it is important. Since her grasp of line is already strong, it is now the time to challenge her by moving into more shading and contrast. For this reason, the last 20 minutes today we looked on several artists' websites. These are artists who draw exclusively in charcoal and, as I emphasised, they use only techniques that she already knows. She seemed a liitle surprised that these sophisticated and dramatic results are achieved with... read more

1. Study Plan : Having a study plan not only allows to complete the syllabus within time but also helps planning revision before the tests. 2.Summarized Study Notes for every lesson : Quick important notes helps summarize the entire lesson before test 3.Excessive examples with every new concept: Helps keep the concept in memory for lifetime  4.Smart learning strategies : Boosts learning  5.Practice Mnemonic Rules : work by associating certain concepts with other concepts that are more familiar to us.

With the current struggling economic conditions, the collection of accounts receivable is becoming more and more challenge each day. Strengthening your collection procedures may allow you to shorten the aging days of your accounts receivable and improve collection rates. The following suggestions can help your business tighten up its credit and collections policies and improve its cash flow. Although some of the tips discussed here may not be suitable for every business, they can serve as general guidelines to help improve cash flow. Define Your Policy. It's important to have a clear credit policy. Your sales force should not be able to sell to customers who are not credit-worthy, or who have become delinquent. Define and stick to concrete credit guidelines. You should also clearly delineate what leeway salespeople have to vary from these guidelines in attempting to attract customers. Tip: A system of controls for checking out a potential customer's credit... read more

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 was signed into law by President Obama on February 17, 2009. The bill is intended to provide a stimulus to the U.S. economy in the wake of the economic downturn. The bill includes federal tax cuts, expansion of unemployment benefits and other social provisions such as domestic spending in education, health-care, and infrastructure-including the energy sector. It sets forth both short-term and long-term legislation to restore economic growth, create jobs and strengthen the American middle class. But what does it mean to you? Here are some key highlights of the tax relief for individuals: Payroll Checks Increase This Spring. The "Making Work Pay" Tax Credit will mean an additional $400 to $800 for many Americans. New withholding tax tables have been issued for employers, thereby increasing paychecks. This credit, however, begins to phase out for single taxpayers with an AGI of... read more

When you have to take the derivative of 2 variables being multiplied, we use the product rule. If we have f(x)g(x), the derivative will be:   (f(x)g(x))' = f(x)g'(x) + g(x)f'(x).   Now, the primes can be a little confusing when you are learning how to apply this for the first time, so lets denote the number 1 to f(x) and the number 2 to g(x), where 1 refers to f(x) and 2 refers to g(x). The product rule becomes easy to memorize.    Sing it to yourself: 1d2 + 2d1   Whenever you have a "d" in front of the number we denoted for the first part of the function, you take the derivative, and if there is no "d", we simply copy the exact same function.    Example: (x+4)(x² - 1)   Here, your 1 = (x+4) and 2 = (x² - 1).   We compute 1d2 + 2d1 = (x+4)(x² - 1)' + (x² - 1)(x+4)'   Notice that the functions you need to take... read more

Hey wyzant students,   It is my pleasure to tutor you all on which ever subject you wish to learn or become more fluent at, whether it be singing, piano lessons, spanish or English tutoring or Music in general.   Unfortunately, I will be out of my beautiful island, Puerto Rico, to the states for emergency reasons and then college reasons.    The student I still have until now may be able to get tutoring with me until May.  I will be our June-July then September-December.      May you all continue to develop your skills and be blessed!       Sara

So, the end of the school year approaches, and students eagerly await the smell of smoked hot dogs, or diving in the pool, or just hanging out with friends.     Wait!  Hold on!  It's not over quite yet!  You've made it this far, and you need to hang on to the ball so to speak.  Keep running and doing your best in school.  The higher grades go to those who do their best all the way through to the end.   So before you start meditating on your summer fun, make sure you have given tonight's homework your very best! Make sure you have studied and practiced for that test that coming up.  No missing assignments are allowed even during the last month of school!   You can do this!  Score a touchdown even in the last minute of the game!  Go for the top grades!

Having successfully completed a 30 year teaching career, I have seen the education pendulum swing back and forth. The concepts set forth in Common Core Curriculum are not as new as less experienced educators are led to believe. Appropriately applied, this curriculum concept has possibilities of helping students be successful. However, my concern is that because of the concept being so new, administrators are concerned about their own report cards on the success of their individual school districts. Typically, success is reported in measurable numbers, such as standardized test scores of various types, including criterion referenced tests. Concerns of administrators filter down to teachers. Concerns of teachers filter down to students. The result is not only test anxiety, but also performance anxiety. Anxiety impedes teaching and learning. Teachers can feel quite restricted in lesson presentation approaches allowed, that their lessons become stale and dry and do not insight... read more

I spend at least 15 minutes preparing for the first lesson for a new student.  After the first lesson I spend approximately one hour in follow up time, making preparation for future lessons.  This time includes gathering teaching materials from my files to use with the individual student. Once this initial preparation is made for the agreed time of our lessons together, then my prep and follow up time combined equals approximately 15 minutes.

I recently read a new-ish novel by one of my favorite authors, the incomparable Terry Pratchett, that provided me with some much-needed food for thought. The Long Earth, a collaboration between Pratchett and Stephen Baxter, centers around the invention and distribution of a simple contraption enabling its user to 'step' between an infinite number of parallel dimensions. Each of these dimensions is slightly different from every other, possibly depicting a series of 'what if?' alternate Earths, and the entirety together is referred to as 'The Long Earth.' One of the most curious things about the Long Earth, however, is that none of these alternate Earths have any humans on them – no cities, no civilizations, simply wild and beautiful vistas with plenty of local wildlife and a few enigmatic 'humanoid' races that are rarely seen. Forget space travel – mankind can simply step across the Long Earth and find millions of pristine new worlds to conquer! The novel brings up quite... read more

S.B. had her friend K. over to join us. The girls decorated containers: a box and a basket, respectively. They used paper doilies to mask areas (spray painting through the holes) to achieve patterns, then applied cut-out shapes from paper sources (mostly butterflies, hearts and geometric shapes) for further decoration. With small detail work like cutting tiny things with scissors, S.B. is secure in her hand/eye coordination. K., however, needed some encouragement but soon felt more confident and caught on on quickly. It's amazing what a child can do when an adult is just a bit supportive and not judgemental. I did offer some direction with regards to which shapes are "more interesting" or more harmonious (not sure how I conveyed "harmonious" to a six year old, but somehow it worked). I also stressed the "secret" craftsman's trick of taking a good look at the discarded bits - they are often of interest. I am not sure the girls will remember, so I will remind... read more

I thought that the times listed for prep time were ridiculous.  I spend at least an hour preparing for every hour I tutor.  I have been teaching for nearly 40 years and have always believed that preparation is the key to good teaching. 

WyzAnt allows you to use their custom-built tutoring platform for online lessons. I have found this far superior to Skype, and comparable to many commercial, expensive web meeting platforms, and it's specifically designed for tutoring. While there are many features, and WyzAnt's materials cover them extensively, I want to point out something I've used that has greatly benefited my own use and, I hope, the experience of my students.    I own a Wacom Intuos graphics tablet, which I bought to annotate screencasts for a statistics app that I'm developing. A use case I didn't intend was online tutoring. WyzAnt's platform has a whiteboard with the ability to create objects, drop in files, add text, even Wolfram|Alpha output, to a screen both parties can see. However, the freehand drawing function looks very ugly if used with a mouse: it resembles a child's chicken scratch. Not exactly the professional look you want as a tutor.    Using a graphics tablet... read more

As an economics major with a double-minor in Mandarin Chinese and religious studies, I always have something to do. With all my classes being highly-intensive, time management skills and staying organized are a must. I effectively keep myself on track with my assignments by using this chart:   Important & Due Soon                                          Important & Not Due Soon Not Important & Due Soon                                    Not Important & Not Due Soon By keeping a simple chart like this, I can see what assignments for what classes are important, and when... read more

You won't pass the exam because you are listening to people who took the exam 5,6 or even 20 years ago. The advice most of my students get is "just take a lot of questions,don't read the book" That is a sure way to fail,yes there are some people who can just take a lot of questions and "game" the exam but they are the ones you were always envious of in school, they looked like they weren't trying and still aced the exams. Almost every single student of mine says that is the advice they get from their supervisors. I have even heard of a few getting yelled at because they were reading the book. Some of those people took the exam in the 90s,when the exam questions were drastically different and the Vendors were actually helping write the questions on the exam. FINRA (formerly NASD) ended that practice a long time ago and there may have been some lingering questions from the "good ole days" they are pretty much gone now. This is not your father's... read more

Many students try to memorize for the NCLEX exam.  However, this is not a great strategy to use.  There is no way that you can remember every page of Perry and Potter or Williams and Hanley.  Many of the nursing textbooks are thousand of pages.  You cannot commit those to memory.  Remember that the  exam is structured on two areas - client needs and the nursing process.  Having a good understanding of these two areas and the strategies used to answer questions are important for student success,   Harriette B., Ph.D, RN 

                                  WRITING: SENTENCES A sentence is a group of words that expresses a complete thought. DIRECTIONS: Write S by each group of words that is a sentence and NS by those that are not a complete sentence. Examples: A pinch of salt in the soup. NS  or  Grandmother was fond of her flower garden. S 1.   Tigers blend in with their surroundings._____________ 2.   Our crop of vegetables for this summer. ____________ 3.   Don't forget to put the plug in the sink. ___________ 4.   Usually older people in good health. ________ 5.   Fond of lying in the sun for hours. _________ 6.   Will ducks hatch a swan egg? _________ 7.   I hope he won't insist on coming with us. ____________ 8.   Regular exercise will pump up your muscles. _________ 9.   A fact printed in all the newspapers. __________ 10... read more

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