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WyzAnt team

"I'm lucky to work with such a bright and innovative team." — Mike Weishuhn, CTO, Co-founder

The WyzAnt team is a group of brilliant thinkers and doers. Together, we've made an amazing tool for both students and tutors.

Hey there! My name's Mike and I helped co-found WyzAnt. We have grown from humble beginnings to occupy a great space in Chicago's Bucktown neighborhood. We have an incredible team working behind the scenes to allow students and tutors to connect with one another for private lessons.

We pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service so it's no surprise that our biggest department is customer support. You'll notice that our phone number is listed everywhere on the site. That’s because we want you to call! Having awesome technology is a key part of making it easy for tutors and students to connect with one another. We have a full team of software developers working tirelessly to improve the website. Other members of the WyzAnt team bring it all together and focus on marketing, accounting and design.

I personally feel very fortunate to work with such great people and our amazing community of tutors and students.

  • Adam, Content Review
  • Allison, Content Review
  • Amber, Finance
  • Anna, Content Review
  • Andrew, Content Review
  • April, Content Review
  • April, Customer Support
  • Ben, Customer Support
  • Ben, Content Review
  • Brad, Network Operations
  • Brandon, Product
  • Brent, CFO
  • Brian, Software Development
  • Brittany, Customer Support
  • Carles, Software Development
  • Carrie, Human Resources
  • Chanelle, Customer Support
  • Chris, Content Review
  • Courtney, Customer Support
  • Dana, Customer Support
  • Danny, Director of Marketing
  • Dave, Content Review
  • Drew, CEO and Co-Founder Manager
  • Customer Support
  • Erika, Product
  • Grayson, Content Curator
  • James, Customer Support
  • Jason, Content Review
  • Jenna, Customer Support
  • Jeremy, Customer Support
  • Joe, Customer Support
  • John, Advisor
  • John, Network Operations
  • John, Product
  • John, Product
  • Jon, Software Development
  • Julie, Content Review
  • Justin, COO
  • Kayvan, Customer Support
  • Kate, Community Manager
  • Kate, Software Development
  • Kaylie, Customer Support
  • Kevin, Software Development
  • Kylie, Customer Support
  • Lana, Quality Assurance
  • Laura, Content Review Manager
  • Lawrence, Customer Support
  • Leland, Customer Support
  • Levi, Marketing
  • Lindsey, Customer Support
  • Lisa, Customer Support
  • Lukus, Customer Support
  • Mandee, Customer Support
  • Melanie, Customer Support
  • Michelle, Content Review
  • Mike, Content Review
  • Mike, Software Development
  • Mike, Customer Support
  • Mike, CTO and Co-Founder
  • Miranda, Customer Support
  • Noah, Content Review
  • Paige, Customer Support
  • Pat, Customer Support
  • Customer Support Manager
  • Rebecca, Customer Support
  • Rebecca, Customer Support
  • Rebecca, Customer Support
  • Ryan, Marketing
  • Sara, Finance
  • Sarah, Content Review
  • Serena, Content Review
  • Shawn, Customer Support
  • Steve, VP of Software Development
  • Susan, Content Review
  • Tim, Customer Support
  • Tom, Software Development
  • Tony, Customer Support
  • Zach, Software Development

About us

I really love being part of such a dynamic company! My voice is heard and my opinion is valued here. I'm excited to come into a workplace where we always strive for improvements in efficiency and customer service. I love my co-workers and the relaxing environment, and I feel so proud to be a member of the WyzAnt team!

- Emily, Customer Support