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I am a Naval Academy graduate, Aerospace Engineering, 12 years Naval service. I got out of the Navy in 1982, have been tutoring since 1984, and all my students have been successful. The relationship between student and teacher is one of Trust and Honor. My students enjoy my easy-going approach plus my dedication to their success.

In the classroom or one-on-one, I feel it is the responsibility of both student and tutor alike to develop mutual trust and respect. Successful teaching requires great effort and devotion, but I am always up to the task. The very first thing I do is put the student(s) at ease, knowing how traumatic it can be working with a tutor for the first time. I want to set the stage for the student to discover what his/her inherent gifts are, as I feel every student is uniquely gifted in some way. A school is a competitive environment, so the advantage of the tutoring scenario is the opportunity for the student to re-examine his/her strengths and weaknesses, rather than concentrate exclusively on class standing. Whether the student experiences success, failure, good news, or bad news, I the tutor am the supportive listener needed on the journey to achievement.

I have a personal teaching code which I have never violated. I never reveal anything about the student, the student's family or situation, or anything the student has revealed to me unless I have the student's permission to disclose it. I call it "Student-Teacher Privilege." I never criticize or belittle a student in any way, and I set the teaching environment so that the student feels inspired to fully explore his/her capabilities and ambitions. Consequently, I have never had what I would call a "bad" teaching experience. Students enjoy my teaching and my company. During my career I have turned frustrated students into happy achievers, ready to move forward into a fulfilling career. For example, 100% of my SAT Prep students get into their top choice colleges. I have been teaching SAT prep for 29 years, so I know how to prepare a student for that critical test and milestone. I know the secrets to a top score.

I am happy to provide references that include many satisfied students and their parents. I thank you for your consideration of my tutoring services.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert B.


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ACT Math, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Calculus, Differential Equations, Geometry, Logic, Prealgebra, Precalculus, Probability, SAT Math, Statistics, Trigonometry
ACT English, ACT Reading, English, Grammar, Literature, Public Speaking, Reading, SAT Reading, SAT Writing, Vocabulary, Writing
ACT Science, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Geology, Mechanical Engineering, Philosophy, Physics, Sociology
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Word
American History, Classics, European History, Geography, Government & Politics, Social Studies, World History
Elementary Education:
Elementary (K-6th), Elementary Math, Grammar, Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary
Special Needs:
ADD/ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, Dyslexia, Special Needs
Career Development, Economics, Marketing, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Public Speaking, Tax Preparation
Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Calculus, Chemistry, Economics, Elementary (K-6th), English, Geometry, Physics, Prealgebra, Precalculus, Reading, SAT Math, SAT Reading, Statistics, Writing
Test Preparation:
ACT English, ACT Math, ACT Reading, ACT Science, ASVAB, Career Development, GED, Praxis, SAT Math, SAT Reading, SAT Writing
Corporate Training:
Career Development, Economics, Grammar, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Public Speaking, Statistics


I have taught and tutored for 29 years. Many of my students have had ADD and ADHD. I helped out one Special Ed kid in my 8th grade classroom -- he then got out of Special Education and into regular classes, outperformed even AP students, became popular, and got involved in school athletics. I was once assigned to an ADHD student who had been in my class the previous year. We made great progress; he and I worked on Logarithms and Differential Equations for the advanced math he had been admitted to; our sessions were more grad school independent study than high school tutoring. When he needed a topic for a science project, I let him continue Naval Architecture research I had done several years prior. His paper was so professional the teacher asked to use it (the student said no because it was not the teacher's work).

I find most ADD and ADHD students I have taught to be remarkably intelligent -- they just need someone to encourage them, tell them they're not weird, and go step by step with a very open mind. Thomas Jefferson was ADHD. As a Home & Hospital Teacher I taught an ADHD student who was probably equal in intelligence to Jefferson; in my quarterly evaluations submitted to his school I said he belonged in the Johns Hopkins program for gifted youth. Had I INSISTED, he would have been admitted. I learned from that experience -- students deserve to go as far as they want. Whatever it takes. I know my way around school bureaucracies.

I'd like the chance to help more of these kids so they don't lose out too. If your child is ADD or ADHD, I would appreciate the opportunity to consider tutoring him/her.

Thank you for your consideration.

Algebra 1

I have been teaching, tutoring, and mentoring students since 1984; sometimes part time, sometimes full time, both one-on-one and in school classrooms. I have tutored and taught in schools in Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. I have also run evening math clinics via school district Adult Education programs for working adults. I always choose my own textbooks and write my own curricula.

I have taught more math than anything else. My most frequently taught math subject has been Algebra I. When I taught other subjects in schools, I would also initiate a Math after school seminar.

In 2002 I was teaching Electronics at a charter school in Northeast D.C. One of the Algebra I teachers was let go, so at the school's request I took over half the class to quickly teach them what they had not been taught and to finish the semester for them. They had been taught basically nothing, so I started them over from the beginning. I quickly developed a curriculum I called THE MATH PACKAGE. The kids loved it. The other half of the students walked out on their temporary teacher and came over to my class. After two months I gave an exam -- the lowest grade in my class was an 84%.

There's a lot more to tell, but I don't want to make this too long. I especially enjoy teaching Algebra I -- it's my favorite subject. I can teach it to anyone. My Algebra I students have never failed. And they all enjoy my approach. I make it fun.

Algebra 2

I have 29 years tutoring of tutoring experience. I have also taught school full time, and I home/hospital taught students for four years. I enjoy teaching immensely.

I of course took Algebra II in high school -- as an Aerospace Engineering major at the Naval Academy I took math through Calculus III.

Algebra II these days is considerably more difficult than it was back in the day -- I found that out several years ago when I was obliged to tutor a Gonzaga student via the famous purple Algebra II text. But he and I toughed it out; he passed with an A and I alas became a qualified tutor/teacher of today's Algebra II curriculum. I carry an Algebra II text with me as I tutor. I am fully aware of the problems associated with online courses. Online is a good idea, but today's online courses need a LOT of work. They are creating more problems in schools than they are solving.

I have tutored more math than any other subject. I am confident that I can help any student in Algebra II. I never quit on a student, and no student of mine has ever failed. Thank you for your consideration.


I am a Navy veteran and aced the ASVAB myself (it was called the GCT/ARI back then), so I was offered any specialty I wanted. I had a glorious enlistment, and I want to enable high school grads to enjoy military careers as I did.

I have 29 years of tutoring experience. Test Prep is Test Prep. I also tutor SAT Prep and prepare students for private and specialty school entrance exams. My students have always been successful -- I know how to prepare a test taker. My program typically requires four weeks, two one-hour sessions per week plus students practicing diligently on their own between sessions. However, I can adapt and have adapted that program per the time available, from one week to six weeks or longer as requested. I will not let you down.


For starters, my brother was severely Autistic. I learned a great deal growing up with him. Since 1980, America's attitude and response toward Autism has advanced leaps and bounds. Autistic people are NOT retarded -- they are GIFTED in their own way and deserve all the help that is now available. I have learned how to get that help. My brother had a great deal of help his last 20 years of life. Everywhere he went, he had a state-funded entourage accompanying him and providing all his needs -- he was treated as a Czar. I now know how to get the same for your Autistic child, relative, or friend.

Thank you for your consideration.

Electrical Engineering

I taught Microelectronic Devices at RETS Electronics School (1988) and Basic Electronics & Transistor Theory at TESST Electronics School. I completed an Electrical Engineering course at the Naval Academy (1971) when I had an Aerospace Engineering major, and was an Electronics Technician in the Navy for six years, where I took over a year of electronics courses. For three years I wrote an electronics monthly magazine for the Navy. In 1991 I predicted that within a few years, (1) everyone would carry a portable phone, (2) the PC would be the center of our lives and (3) we would watch High Definition Television. I wrote training articles for my readers in two article series, GETTING TO KNOW YOUR TEST EQUIPMENT and THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION. Hewlett Packard would bring their new products to my office so I could write articles on how to operate them. They loved the advertising I provided them.

I can teach Electrical Engineering. Thank you for your consideration.

Elementary (K-6th)

My decision to start teaching long ago was based on what I learned watching relatives raise their pre-school and pre-adolescent children. I learned that early formative years are critical in developing learning patterns and regimens.

Later on, when I worked in an after-hours program at a private school, I mentored elementary students in starting a school newspaper and building radios from kits. The 4th and 5th graders took to me at least as well as the adolescents in middle and high schools. My first elementary age student was my nephew, starting when he was six. He is now a celebrity inventor, and he is providing solutions to America's energy problems. I'll provide his name if you want to check him out. I inspired him over a six-year period, as I can inspire your child.

Thank you for your consideration.

Elementary Math

I took a lot of math in high school and in college as an Engineering major. I have taught math for 29 years, to students age six through 40.

The elementary years are critical. Kids that age are at their peak learning curve, and by the 8th grade they possess the minds of technicians and engineers. I know this because I taught Computer Modules Technology Education to the entire class of a middle school. My students were indeed technicians, engineers, and inventors. Kids today are highly underestimated. So are elementary school kids. I KNOW what they are capable. I would appreciate the opportunity to help your child demonstrate his/her vast potential. To me this is not work. It is a great adventure.

Thank you for your consideration.


I have been tutoring for 29 years. I have also been a Home & Hospital Teacher and classroom teacher. I have taught Adult Education to adults in the evenings. I have also taught English/Literature in high schools. I focus on writing. My students have written masterpieces. I have kept all their works.

Thank you for your consideration.


I have been teaching and tutoring in all middle and high school math courses, including Geometry, for 29 years. None of my classroom students have ever failed my course, and none of my tutoring students have failed to thoroughly achieve their objectives.

For my initial Geometry session I typically explain that the word "geometry" consists of two parts: "geo," a translation for the word "earth," and "metry," which means "measure of." Thereafter I explain the elements of geometry with the help of the three-dimensional earth, with which everyone is familiar. I go from there. It works.

Geometry is the least liked math course. I aced Geometry in high school because of the way I approached it. I can teach your child (or you) how to do likewise -- it is not nearly as hard as everyone thinks. My family was highly academic; my father was a university graduate school department head and professor. He taught me that if the student fails, the teacher failed. None of my students have ever failed. My father taught me well.

Thank you for your consideration.


I have been teaching and tutoring for 29 years. The subject I have been called upon the most to teach has been math. Prealgebra and algebra have been the most frequently requested subjects over my career. Prealgebra has been a frequent request because parents know that it is the gauntlet to high school that must be passed through successfully.

In addition, I have taught Math Clinic I and Math Clinic II for adult education; prealgebra was part of both curricula (I wrote both curricula).

Also, when I was teaching Computer Modules Technology Education to the 8th grade class of a middle school, I ran an after-school Prealgebra tutoring seminar in my classroom.

During the following summer, at my students' request, I tutored many of my 476 Tech Ed students in Prealgebra/Algebra. I was busy Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM, June through August. Each student had signed a list I provided during the last day of class in June. I used that experience to develop what I now call "The Math Package" -- a special curriculum for math students grade 6 through 12. I can teach math to anyone, any age.

Thank you for your consideration.


I have 29 years of tutoring experience, and Reading has been a key request all of those years. There are huge numbers of people with reading issues.

Scores of people freak out when they suddenly have to read and comprehend. From college textbooks to reading a menu when the office does lunch at a restaurant. Check this out next time you and your co-workers do lunch.

I was not a reader in high school -- somewhere between middle school and high school I had developed the same problem. I did everything I could to avoid reading. I had what a lot of folks have -- fear of not understanding and a belief that complex reading would be difficult and unpleasant.

I got over this phobia by simply having to do a lot of reading in college then as an adult. I discovered I LIKED IT! I also once had NO desire to be a teacher -- I figured all teachers were nerds. Now reading and teaching are both my relaxation and my joy. And no, I didn't become a nerd. I'm just as cool as before. And when I go into a book store, I usually don't leave until they tap me on the shoulder at closing.

I can empathize with folks who struggle with reading as I did. I don't want to judge you -- I want to help you experience the joy I did when reading became my pleasure and inspiration. I will also open up a whole new world as you transition from non-reader to avid reader. So when the book store employee shows you the door at closing, you will know you have magical world of reading. And also you'll become better at everything you do. Because readers understand things better than anyone else.

Thank you for your consideration.

SAT Math

I have been a math teacher for 29 years. I developed my own comprehensive math tutoring program, and most of my SAT Prep students have been admitted to their top choice colleges.

SAT Reading

Reading skills are probably the most elusive of all. Students without coaching typically lack the skills to quickly and completely go through a passage -- especially a long one -- and answer the questions correctly.

Since I have been teaching SAT Prep so many years, I understand things the tutoring franchises and tutoring shoppes don't. Most colleges and universities in this country use the SAT for picking their new students. The College Board has been writing and administering the SAT since the beginning. They update the SAT for each test, and they administer several every year.

They are obliged by their customers -- the colleges and universities -- to ensure admission-worthy scores are achieved by students who will probably not flunk out or quit. When students leave college early like that, the college's rating drops. Also, since America's population has been multiplying lately, the College Board also has to further reduce the number of students with good scores by raising the bar.

Until 2013, nearly 100% of my SAT Prep students got into their top choice colleges. Then this year, three of my students got scores up to 2360 on TIMED practice tests then scored the following on their real SATs (March 9 and May 4 tests): 1410, 1420, and 1520. I figured out the College Board's method in time to save my three June 1 SAT students, who consequently got great scores.

The national tutoring franchises don't have a clue about these College board methods. The high school volunteer SAT practice class teachers don't either. I know this -- I have attended many SAT seminars and nobody has a clue. I do. The College Board has to do what they are doing -- I do not begrudge them. But you don't need your son or daughter to become a victim -- as you pay for each SAT attempt.

I get students into college. If your son or daughter has the basic aptitude and DESIRE to attend college, I will ensure he/she gets that opportunity.

SAT Writing

As a professional writer for the past 30 years, I have helped my clients significantly improve their writing test scores. There is a writer lurking in most students, and I know how to bring it out. I have been tutoring for 29 years, and most of my SAT students have gone on to their favorite colleges.

Social Studies

During my 29 years of classroom teaching and tutoring, I have taught class, substitute taught, tutored, and home taught students, including in Social Studies.

When I was in school, I took French for six years, so when I was in the U.S. Navy and my ship docked in Toulon, France, I was appointed ship's interpreter. I also made friends with French people and learned a lot during the week. Knowing the language is the KEY.

After witnessing the wretched way some of my fellow American sailors -- including my best friends -- treated the French in their own country, I gained an important insight into why we take Social Studies.

When I substitute teach a Social Studies class or tutor a student in this subject, I tell this story, anointing them with a pretty good appreciation why they should care about learning this subject. You see, I have learned from personal experience that people in other countries WANT to like Americans because they look up to us. But this is often frustrated when American tourists go overseas and behave badly -- mostly through a total lack of understanding of other cultures. They daydreamed in Social Studies class in school because they thought the course was unimportant, so we all pay the price for that now, don't we? Indeed.

I also advise students that when they graduate and move to an unfamiliar area, a little social studies effort will significantly enable them to make learn about the people and make friends pretty quickly. Everyone needs friends -- especially when moving alone to a new place. Social Studies knowledge helps people with that. The lack of it means you'll go through life alone -- without friends.

I enjoy teaching, and students of all ages enjoy learning from me. Thank you for your consideration.

World History

Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by History. I got deeply involved in historic preservation early in life, I have saved some important historic buildings, and I have also taught World and U.S. History.

Most important national/international affairs taking place now have happened in the past -- probably multiple times. For example, if we examine the reasons the Roman Empire fell, we will get a chilling hint of where America is currently headed. It is said, "he/she who does not learn history is doomed to repeat it.

I have taught many students -- in the classroom and individually -- what happened in history and how it brought us to where we are today. I feel good knowing how much historical knowledge I have imbued into so many young minds. I like to think I may be instrumental in preventing the American nation from repeating mistakes of the past -- including those of the Romans.

I therefore consider it my obligation to do my very best to teach history to America's youth. I also happen to enjoy doing so immensely -- and students find my history teaching to be fascinating and imaginative. I hope for the opportunity to teach your child.


Robert B.


My name is Robert, tutor. I have 28 years of comprehensive tutoring, home teaching, and classroom teaching experience. I also have an equal number of years of professional writing/editing experience (I have two parallel careers -- teaching and government contracting.)

For four years I wrote and edited NASA technical manuals. For three years I was the editor and principal writer of a Navy monthly technical journal. I have been a proposal writer since 1993. I have written scores of successful white papers, and I am often solicited both professionally and informally to write/edit/review written material. Some people like me and others sometimes don't, but they all unanimously agree that I have a writing gift. The powerful play goes on, and I contribute my verse.

I discovered my joy of writing freshman in college; I received an A in English the first semester. Since then writing has been my pleasure. I view writing as a sculptor or artist his/her masterpiece. I have had considerable success as a writing teacher and tutor. When a student says he/she is "not a writer," I rather quickly persuade him/her that he/she is quite mistaken. Anyone who has something to say is a potential writer.

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U.S. Naval Academy

Bachelor of Science degree completed (Other)

Amazing ASVAB tutor!!! I wish to give a SHOUT OUT to this amazing tutor, Robert!!! He was patient, understanding, and awesome. My son had retaken the ASVAB test this past Tuesday, August 27, 2013, and passed with flying colors. His score was so high, they asked him to do a confirmation test because he more than doubled or tripled his scores. I highly recommend this tutor for anyone preparing for the ASVAB test. I h ...

— LaWanda from Beltsville, MD on 8/29/13);

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