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Work smarter, not harder! My innovative tutoring methods incorporate the latest research in educational theory to help students learn how to learn. By deconstructing the learning process and identifying and focusing on each student's individual learning style, students are empowered to excel in every subject at every grade level. This approach teaches students how to effectively engage with a variety of learning environments and materials, laying the foundation for a lifetime of effective learning. I identify the most powerful and appropriate training and practice resources for each student, which encourage the student to continue working independently between sessions. Subjects include K-12 humanities studies, science and mathematics. Training in effective study habits and strategies helps students achieve higher grades and success on exams.

I have been teaching, tutoring and mentoring students since 2003, with an emphasis on test preparation and achieving appropriate competency levels. My experience includes teaching English as a foreign language in Morocco for four years, with an emphasis on achieving language competency sufficient to allow admission to degree programs at American universities, general computer skills and preparation for the online TOEFL exam, among others. My work as a consulting hypnotherapist for a psychiatrist at Northwestern Medical School allowed me to use hypnosis, brain entrainment and neurofeedback technologies to identify and correct challenges in cognitive functioning, and train young minds in individualized, effective learning strategies. Become a super-student!

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Laurel’s subjects

ACT English, ACT Reading, English, ESL/ESOL, Grammar, Literature, Proofreading, Public Speaking, Reading, SAT Reading, SAT Writing, TOEFL, Vocabulary, Writing
ACT Science, Anatomy, Botany, Chemistry, Nursing, Nutrition, Organic Chemistry, Pharmacology, Philosophy, Physical Science, Physiology, Psychology, Sociology
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word
American History, European History, Geography, Government & Politics, Social Studies, World History
Elementary Education:
Elementary (K-6th), Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Grammar, Phonics, Reading, Spelling, Study Skills, Vocabulary
Special Needs:
ADD/ADHD, Aspergers, Autism, Dyslexia, Phonics, Special Needs
Career Development, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Public Speaking
Algebra 1, Chemistry, Elementary (K-6th), English, ESL/ESOL, Prealgebra, Reading, SAT Math, SAT Reading, Study Skills, Writing
Test Preparation:
ACT English, ACT Math, ACT Reading, ACT Science, Career Development, College Counseling, GED, SAT Math, SAT Reading, SAT Writing, TOEFL
Bodybuilding, Cooking, Fitness, Needlework, Sewing, Yoga
Corporate Training:
Career Development, College Counseling, ESL/ESOL, Grammar, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Proofreading, Public Speaking

ACT English

ACT English is part of the ACT National College Entrance Exam. Along with the SAT, it is one of the two primary exams typically reviewed by college admissions officials when considering prospective students. Different universities place varying emphasis on ACT scores, also considering such factors of evaluation as class rank, G.P.A., and extracurricular activities, but the ACT is a standard and useful measure of high school achievement and college readiness.

Regardless of the weight given the ACT score by your prospective college or university, preparing for the ACT specifically, and learning how to generally perform well on exams will help prepare students for a life-time of high pressure performance situations.

My tutoring methods are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each of my students, and are tightly focused on each student's goals. Assessments of learning style, and performance on ACT practice exams help determine what type of assistance each individual student requires, and exactly where we need to begin.

THE ACT ENGLISH TEST ASSESSES YOUR knowledge of English grammar and writing. On the test, you will have 45 minutes to answer 75 questions. More than any other section of the ACT, the English portion of the exam tests what you already know, rather than what you can figure out given certain information. Specific preparation for the English section of the ACT involves review of the material covered on the exam, as well as similar content as is seem on the exam, both passages and questions.

I share tips and tricks where appropriate, teach crucial time-management and strategy skills, and help develop student confidence under pressure. My goal is to prepare students so thoroughly that they perform well on the exam with ease and confidence.

ACT Math

The Mathematics section gives you 60-minutes to answer 60-mathematics questions covering pre-algebra, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, plane geometry, coordinate geometry, and elementary trigonometry. Specific preparation for the Math section of the ACT involves fun and engaging mathematics drills using a variety of math training platforms that allow instantaneous student feedback, with constant availability of complete explanations. As the student practices over time, I am able to compile a statistical analysis of weak areas, and adjust lesson content and difficulty accordingly. Frequent testing builds confidence, reduces anxiety, and keeps the preparation plan on track.

ACT Reading

THE ACT READING TEST GIVES YOU 35 minutes to read four rather lengthy passages and answer 40 questions on the passages. Time management is the most important skill to cultivate for the Reading Test, because you must do a lot of work in a short period of time. Familiarizing yourself with the format and content of the test will help you use your time efficiently and effectively. Specific preparation for the Reading Test is READING, of course, but a very specific and specialized type of reading designed to target important information very calmly and quickly. Targeted, timed reading exercises help the student to develop skills and confidence in extracting and applying information quickly and accurately. Frequent practice exams minimize anxiety, improve and assess performance, and build confidence.

ACT Science

THE ACT SCIENCE REASONING TEST IS arguably the most feared Subject Test, but for the wrong reasons. Time management is essential: you are given 35 minutes to digest 7 science passages and answer 40 questions on them. But the content of the Science Reasoning test, which is what usually fills students with trepidation, shouldn’t cause you any stress. Specific preparation for the ACT Science Test involves intensive, timed reading for comprehension exercises, as well as frequent practice exams to familiarize the student with the content and format of the test. Targeted reading emphasizing rapid extraction of key concepts and information helps students to build confidence and time management skills.


ADD/ADHD are conditions that can have a huge impact upon a student's educational career. ADD/ADHD are medical conditions for which there are a number of treatment options; it is important that a student with suspected ADD/ADHD issues see a mental health professional that is qualified to make the initial diagnosis and discuss treatment options with student and parents. Once this process has begun, the behavioral and cognitive issues which have usually developed in the classroom are able to be addressed. My years of experience working with an academic psychiatrist and educator uniquely qualify me to work with students with ADD/ADHD.

I use a range of diagnostic assessments and state-of-the-art technology (brain entrainment, neurofeedback, online training modules) to create a highly individualized program to help each student reach his or her goals. I am accustomed to coordinated work with doctors, therapists, teachers, students and parents.

I have worked with students with ADD/ADHD for over 10 years. From 2000-2010, I worked as a consulting hypnotherapist under the direction of a psychiatrist at Northwestern Medical School, developing highly individualized programs for students struggling with stress, anxiety, attention and concentration issues. Furthermore, I have significant experience coaching and mentoring younger students with behavioral issues to help them develop better impulse control and successful strategies for effective classroom participation.

I use the latest technologies in my tutoring practice, incorporating hypnotherapy techniques (improves a wide range of skills/habits, from performance anxiety to memory and retention), neurofeedback, and cognitive enhancement training (helps the student to understand his or her brain activity during various states of mind, and provides concrete skills and training to maintain optimal brain functioning). My methods recognize and leverage students' interest in technology, using it to make learning fun and easy, rather than painful and unpleasant.

I foster a culture of success, carefully tailoring tasks and assignments to the student's level, and providing necessary tools along the way. Students acquire good study habits and organizational skills, as well as the confidence that good methodology brings. When students study smarter, they succeed!

Algebra 1

Algebra (from Arabic al-jebr meaning "reunion of broken parts") is the branch of mathematics concerning the study of the rules of operations and relations, and the constructions and concepts arising from them, including terms, polynomials, equations and algebraic structures. Among others, algebra is one of the main branches of pure mathematics.

Elementary algebra introduces the concept of variables representing numbers. Statements based on these variables are manipulated using the rules of operations that apply to numbers, such as addition. This can be done for a variety of reasons, including equation solving.

The transition from more basic and direct mathematics to more abstract algebra can be daunting for some students. Algebra is a necessary skill of daily life, the language of problem solving. Algebra comprehension can become the make or break math moment for a student, in that failing to understand basic algebra makes future mathematics study impossible. A lack of math skills makes a number of career paths unattainable, such as the professions (medicine, engineering, architecture, science).

If a struggling student fails to get the help he or she needs, algebra can seem incomprehensible and pointless. Some students are too embarrassed to ask the teacher to explain a difficult point in class; others miss a critical class or two and are unable to catch up without assistance.

Whatever the reason for a deficit in skills, my tutoring methods build skill and confidence via targeted practice and lots of it! Practice is fun and leverages students' interest in playing on the computer. Using the latest in online math instruction programs, students get immediate performance feedback, and precise and specific explanations of errors. I am able to track student performance and identify problem areas to optimize effectiveness of tutoring sessions.


As a former massage therapist, I have had extensive experience in studying and tutoring anatomy for the purpose of passing certification exams, as well for functional professional reasons.

My student-centered methods are highly effective because they target each individual student's aptitude, knowledge base and learning style. Although studying anatomy inevitably requires memorization, thorough analysis of student objectives allows targeted teaching that meets specific goals. My experience in hypnosis and brain entrainment further allows me to provide each student with appropriate mnemonic devices to make recall of learned material easier and more precise.

By using innovative tools and materials, studying even a demanding subject such as anatomy can be fun!


My expertise is in North African and Middle-eastern frame and goblet drumming. I began studying Gnawa music (indigenous spiritual music) with Moroccan masters in 1998. Since then, I have lived, studied and taught in Morocco for four years and have continued my studies of indigenous and modern fusion music in depth. My studies include cultural and spiritual aspects of the music.

Beginning to Intermediate students who are seeking lessons in basic hand drumming (north and west African, middle-eastern styles), various styles of frame drumming, and other small, exotic percussion will enjoy my fun, confidence building lessons.

As a member of local street marching band Environmental Encroachment, I enjoy adapting exotic rhythms to modern fusion forms of musical expression and performance.

I help students of hand drumming to learn to play with ease and confidence.

Elementary Math

Elementary math can be a challenging subject for young students, yet such a crucially important foundation to future learning. It is wise to foster solid math skills early on. Firstly, without a solid grasp of elementary math, a student can often become lost in later levels. Furthermore, constant struggle with basic skills can lead to avoidance and extreme dislike of mathematics.

My student-centered tutoring methods are fun and engaging. Students actually learn to have fun solving math problems, and are given tools that allow them to independently work on mastery of basic skills. By tailoring tasks precisely to your student's level of mastery, I help your student to succeed early and often in math, which builds confidence and a foundation for further study. It is much easier to solve challenges with math at the elementary levels - tutoring helps to facilitate solid foundational skills and a good attitude toward mathematics tasks. This helps to create a student who is well prepared to move on to more challenging tasks.

Let me help your student become a math whiz!


Students who struggle with acquiring solid writing skills tend to go on to educational careers where they view writing as a necessary and unpleasant evil, rather than an opportunity to communicate artfully and effectively. Although every student has different natural aptitudes and areas which pose challenges, every single student can learn to write well and love it. By using thorough and precise assessment tools, and the latest techniques to inspire and refine writing skills, I can help students to achieve confidence and mastery in writing for a variety of purposes. I further help students to develop discernment and awareness about the types of writing tasks they will encounter, providing a variety of techniques for successful writing in different contexts.

I have extensive experience teaching composition and writing skills, with an emphasis on non-native English speakers. As a life-long avid reader, and a professional technical writer, I emphasize the benefits of writing naturally, helping students effectively analyze and respond to writing tasks with ease.

By de-pressurizing and individualizing the learning experience, I help students to relax and apply their brain power to learning, as opposed to pointless self-critique and resistance. Deficiencies are dealt with in creative and nurturing ways. Let me help you write with ease.


Learning a new language can be frustrating. Your thoughts move so much more quickly than language, and it can be difficult (especially under pressure) to get your thoughts into your new language. Why struggle when there is expert help available?

I have extensive experience teaching ESL/ESOL students at a variety of different levels, ranging from complete beginners to students preparing to sit for proficiency exams such as the TOEFL. I strive to make learning fun by using the latest techniques and methods to accelerate student progress, tailoring my lessons to take into account each individual student's learning style, aptitude, and goals.

Whether you are preparing to sit for an exam, need conversational and reading practice, or are just seeking mastery of the English language, I can help you progress faster, with less frustration.

Let me help you become fluent!


Passing your GED test can open up new career opportunities. In fact, you could be earning $350,000 more in your lifetime with your GED credential. That's why, regardless of your reason for deciding to take the GED, it is important to prepare well so you can pass the exam with confidence. My tutoring approach helps you to thoroughly prepare in the minimum amount of time needed.

I am a friendly, patient tutor who uses innovative methods to help you understand how you learn best, and then tailors your lessons to fit your individual learning style. I teach you the skills required to effectively take the exam, including time management skills, stress management strategies, and memory tips and tricks to help you have a smooth GED exam experience.

Once we identify areas that need work, I supply innovative and effective (even fun!) tools to help you get your skills and knowledge up to the level required. Frequent practice exams allow us to continuously assess your progress, while helping you master the skills needed to take the exam with calm confidence.

Painless preparation is my motto: let me show how easy passing the GED can be.


The transition from more basic and direct mathematics to more abstract algebra can be daunting for some students. If there are gaps in basic math skills, students can quickly fall behind at this level. Algebra is a necessary skill of daily life, and pre-algebra skills are a necessary foundation for future mathematics study. Pre-algebra study requires mastery before a student can move on. Time invested in solidifying these skills always pays off in facilitating future math study. Life is full of problems, and algebra is the language of problem-solving.


Students who struggle with acquiring solid reading skills in elementary school tend to go on to educational careers where they view reading as a necessary and unpleasant evil. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Although every student has different natural aptitudes and areas which pose challenges, every single student can learn to read well and love it. By using thorough and precise assessment tools, and the latest techniques to help struggling readers, I can help students to achieve confidence and mastery in reading. I further help students to develop discernment and awareness about the types of reading tasks they will encounter, providing a variety of techniques for successful reading in different contexts.

I have extensive experience teaching reading skills, with an emphasis on non-native English speakers. As a life-long avid reader, I emphasize the benefits of reading with ease. Research has shown that reading for pleasure is one of the most important habits of successful language learners.

By de-pressurizing and individualizing the learning experience, I help students to relax and apply their brain power to learning, as opposed to pointless self-critique and resistance. Deficiencies are dealt with in creative and nurturing ways. Let me help you read with ease.

Special Needs

Students with special needs require special handling. With my experience as a hypnotherapist and educator, I am uniquely qualified to assist your student with special needs. Via state-of-the-art assessment tools, we discover student's strengths and those areas where he or she requires assistance. Through compassionate and individualized attention, I help your student gently and patiently acquire the necessary skills to succeed in school. By determining your student's learning style and aptitudes, we are able to formulate effective learning strategies that allow for success - early and often! This helps to build confidence and enthusiasm as the student learns how best to learn in his or her unique situation. My methods help to reduce boredom, frustration and apprehension via precise application of student-centered teaching techniques. Let me help your special needs student thrive!

Study Skills

Study skills are a crucial component of the successful student's academic arsenal, yet many students struggle to acquire these abilities. 'Learning to learn' is the first task for a student seeking to improve his or her academic performance and ability to assimilate information with ease.

My methods include state-of-the-art assessment tools to identify each individual student's learning style and academic level. My emphasis is on identifying and building on strengths and developing strategies to eliminate or minimize academic weaknesses. Tutoring programs are tightly tailored to achieve each student's goals.

I strive to inspire each student to develop clear, purposeful direction and ensure that learners have the skills and tools necessary for educational success. Students take responsibility for their learning and become excited about their potential in new ways. I help them take risks and face challenges that might have been debilitating in the past, but in a supportive student-centered environment, they try and succeed at breaking through previous barriers. Students then carry this confidence with them into the classroom. Solid study habits and test taking strategies help a student to experience success early and often. When challenges arise, I help each student assess and formulate effective responses.

Through a continuous assessment process, students have a clearer, more realistic picture of where they are on the educational ladder and what they need to do to grow and succeed. Let me help you become a super-learner!

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