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Helping students succeed is what I love to do and I believe each and every student can be successful! As an Educational Specialist, I have helped countless private, public, home school, undergraduate and graduate school students make outstanding progress. I've tutored students in kindergarten through college, ages 4 - 40+ in Reading, phonics, English grammar, proofreading, vocabulary, writing, math, science, social studies, study skills and SAT, PSAT, ACT, ASVAB, FCAT, ISEE, TEAS, TABE, and GED prep. I have also successfully assisted students studying at CMMS the Center for Multilingual Multicultural Students at the University of Central Florida. These students do not speak English as their first language. The youngest student I have tutored is in Pre-kindergarten and the oldest, an adult in graduate school. I offer the very best combination of experience, effectiveness, and teacher certification.

I am patient, encouraging, and a truly caring, experienced educator who is able to discover how each student learns best! Students enjoy working with me because I help each build skills and confidence. Both are essential for true success! I have tutored gifted students, regular education students who need study skills, test prep or homework help, college students, students with reading challenges, specific learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity, ADD, English language learners, and children on the autism spectrum. I have helped undergraduate and graduate students prepare research papers including masters and doctoral theses and provided corporate training for selected employees. In addition, I am certified by the Florida Department of Education in six areas: Reading, Social Studies, English, Specific Learning Disabilities, ESOL and as an Educational Specialist. I have many references, which I'd be happy to share. Together, we will build success, skills, and confidence for your student, too.

If your student is struggling, I'd be glad to complete a skills assessment to identify challenging areas. If a student struggles, he or she may have underlying skills which need review. It's also helpful to identify how each student learns best because not all students learn in the same way. One on one tutoring is a great resource for students who want to move ahead, work at their own pace, or fill in the gaps. Proven experience truly counts and will make a real difference for you and your student!

Thank you for reading my profile. I would be glad to answer any questions you may have and I hope to hear from you very soon!


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Ann’s subjects

ACT Reading

ACT Reading includes passages of varying lengths and difficulty. This college entrance exam is primarily a test of reading comprehension skills. I have tutored many students preparing for the ACT and use a variety of methods to improve student's scores, as well as, provide materials and extra practice to help insure success.


As a Reading and Educational Specialist, I have worked with many students with ADD and ADHD.

American History

American History can be a fascinating subject which predates the actual formation of our nation as a separate entity from Great Britain. Immigrants from all over the world together with Native Americans, who originally inhabited our country, forged the great nation on earth. American History is the story of our country from its earliest days, its challenges, its conflicts, its accomplishments and most of all the great people that helped create the United States of America.


I have over thirty years' experience working with children with exceptional learning challenges, and I am a Reading and Educational Specialist with a concentration in Children with Exceptional Learning Challenges. I first worked with a non-verbal preschooler with autism and have successfully worked with other students, specifically those with Asperger's.


The ASVAB is used by all branches of the military to screen applicants for possible service in our Armed Forces. The test itself covers Reading, Math and Science, and most individuals need the most help with the Math and/or Reading sections. Different scores are required for select positions in the military, so it really depends on each individual's goal as to the score to be achieved. As a Reading and Educational Specialist, I can definitely provide the right type of targeted instruction to help each student succeed!


Autism is a condition which is most frequently diagnosed at a fairly young age and boys typically are more commonly diagnosed than girls. Usually, the symptoms will vary from individual to individual, but the most common denominator is a lack of ability to communicate verbally or non verbally, at the expected age of development. Each individual's involvement can range from quite mild to severe. Some children and adults with autism are able to led relatively normal lives and attend a public or private school, while others with this diagnosis are unable to communicate or
respond verbally or non verbally.

As a Reading and Educational Specialist, I have worked with a number of students with autism through the years. The youngest was a preschool student who was completely non verbal. I have also worked with older verbal students with autism and helped them review and fill in missed skills. One went from being significantly below grade level to getting completely caught up to grade level with his reading, writing and math skills.

Individualization and early intervention is the absolute key to helping students with autism succeed!


Dyslexia typically indicates a learning disability, more specially a reading disability, with processing deficits and diminished ability to read/interpret the written word. Dyslexia, a reading disability, can range from mild to severe and vary significantly from individual to individual. Often a processing deficit occurs as a component of this type disability. It can be characterized by an inability to read and or process the written word. Students can have problems with reversals of letters or even entire words. Intense remediation and review is essential to build important reading skills based on the emergent level of each student. Students with dyslexia can and do make progress; however, an individualized program of review and remediation geared to student needs is essential for optimum progress.

I am a Reading and Educational Specialist who has a Masters in Reading and an Educational from the University of Central Florida, and an Educational Specialist (graduate degree) in Curriculum and Instruction, specialization in students with academic challenges. I have worked with students privately including many learning disabled and reading challenged students for over 20 years.

Elementary (K-6th)

Reading, Writing and Math Skills along with study skills and test taking form the core of the elementary school curriculum. If a student is proficient in these foundational areas, he or she will be able to handle elementary science, social studies and spelling. If students have weakness in one or more of these core areas, extra review and practice will help that student be more successful. As a Reading and Educational Specialist, I can assess and evaluate student skills to determine is skill deficits maybe a part of a student's challenge. It's a great idea to rule out skill challenges if a student struggles.

In addition, I have access to a great variety of curriculum materials to support all subject areas of the elementary school curriculum. Sometimes, a student needs mainly homework support in spelling, math, science, social studies or writing. Learning how to read the content in science or social studies, practice spelling, writing and math, as well as, prepare for tests are also skills many students need to develop. With encouragement and guidance in these areas, most every student can succeed.

Elementary Math

Elementary math can be an interesting, yet challenging subject! It focuses on basic computational skills including addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction. Elementary math also includes problem solving, measurement, fractional concepts, basic geometric concepts, particularly identifying specific shapes, telling time including elapsed time, area, perimeter and use of money. When students struggle with math it's usually because they have missed an important foundational skill. It is vital to review and reteach any missed concepts, so each student has complete mastery of ongoing math skills.

Elementary Science

Elementary Science generally covers three main science topics: Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science. In addition, students are taught the basics of a scientific method approach. Each topic area varies in difficulty, breadth and depth depending on the grade level of the student. In Life Science, students learn about plants and animals, as well as, what similarities and differences there are in each group. In Earth Science, students learn about gravity, land forms, compass directions and rock types. Physical Science covers topics including energy, sound, inertia and friction. Hands on activities offer students wonderful opportunities for scientific exploration and investigation. Students generally love participating in scientific experiences, which enhance learning. In addition, most elementary science curricula include some form of instruction in how to organize things into categories for better understanding.
As an Educational Specialist, I have worked with many elementary students across the spectrum in a variety of these science areas.


English covers the language arts skills of reading, spelling, writing, grammar and speaking. As a Reading and Educational Specialist, I help students target the areas that are most important to each individual student. My approach is truly individualized to address the skills and strategies to help each student succeed!


ESL/ESOL helps students learn and improve English, which for most is their second or third language. Speaking, writing, and reading are areas students seek to improve. Students will make the greatest progress with a combined approach and I use a variety of methods in sessions to insure success! It is also very helpful when students are given extra practice to try before the next session.

As an Educational Specialist, I have found students enjoy a variety of activities and make outstanding progress with a combined approach to learning English as their "other" language.


The GED test covers 5 important subject areas at the high school level. These areas include: Writing, Science, Social Studies, Math, and Literature. In addition, an essay is also required. As a Reading and Educational Specialist, I have helped many students succeed with mastery of the GED content and the strategies for success on this test. Sessions are individualized to cover what each student needs to review, and I will provide extra practice at the end of each session to encourage additional progress.

Government & Politics

Government and Politics is the study of the politics. This study includes an emphasis on the 3 major branches of the federal government: legislative, executive and judicial along with the relationship between the federal government and the states, the constitutional framework of our federal government, the role of political parties current events and issues in politics and international relations between our nation and other countries. Government and politics can is a very dynamic, ever changing area of study and one that can truly be fascinating, as well as informative.


Grammar is often a challenging subject for some students because it includes many elements such as identification of the parts of speech, how these parts relate to each other, diagramming, correct usage, sentence structure and sentence flow. When working successfully with students, I have found they will succeed when a variety of approaches are used to help each understand this rather obscure subject.


As a Reading and Educational Specialist, I have prepared a number of students, very successfully, to take the ISEE.


Literature can be a fascinating subject depending on the literary period studies,the authors and/or poets covered, the literary elements emphasized, and how these are presented to the student. I have taught literature at all levels of the curriculum from beginning literature in elementary school, through middle school, high school, and even at the college level. If a tutor/teacher is able to convey a real knowledge of and appreciation for the literature, authors, poets and elements to her students, interest in mastery of literature is sure to follow.


In my years as a Reading Specialist, I have successfully taught hundreds of beginning readers and discovered that it's much easier for a younger student to master phonics than middle or upper level students. Usually, older learners benefit more from other methods and approaches than the use of phonics.


Proofreading can be compared to a treasure hunt! You seek to find all the errors in grammar, spelling, usage, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure. Often, it takes several edits to achieve the best results.

I have worked with students as a regular education teacher, special education teacher, college instructor, and private tutor to help students proofread and become better writers.


The PSAT is a useful measure of a high school student's level of mastery of both verbal and quantitative skills. It is usually taken in a student's junior year, but occasionally it is taken in the sophomore year. The PSAT is a preliminary test prior to the SAT and can be used to determine readiness for the SAT;however, the questions on the PSAT are not quite as rigorous as those on the SAT. High school students who score in the top 5% nationally maybe considered for a National Merit Scholarship. In my experience preparing students for both the PSAT and SAT, I have found the PSAT to be a good determinant of student success on the SAT; therefore, it can be a valuable tool to identify areas of mastery or those needing additional review.


Reading is a complex skill, but with the right instruction students can become excellent readers. Phonics and word attack skills are essential for the young reader and provide the foundation for good reading comprehension. As a Reading Specialist, I have helped countless students excel and become successful readers! I truly know what works and am able to figure out how each student learns best, so together we build strong foundational reading skills.

SAT Reading

The SAT Reading (Verbal) Test can be quite challenging! I have helped students be very successful with both parts of the test: Sentence Completion and Critical Reading. It takes both skill and strategy to be successful on the SAT. With years of experience tutoring SAT students, I have found that targeted one on one practice is the way to go. With extra practice provided between sessions, and the combined approach of skill improvement and strategy mastery during sessions, students make excellent progress in improving SAT Reading scores.

SAT Writing

SAT Writing is a multiple choice test includes essential elements of grammar, usage, spelling, capitalization and punctuation, along with sentence structure. Typically, students are given paragraphs with underlined portions and they are asked to determine if there is an error in each underlined section. In some cases there is no error, in which case the student marks NO Change and if there is an error the student will determine the answer choice that best corrects the passage.

This tests covers high school level skills and with practice I have helped many students do very well on SAT writing.

Social Studies

I have years of experience teaching social studies at various levels of the curriculum and have a BA degree in Political Science and a minor in history.

Special Needs

I have an Educational Specialist Degree, as my primary graduate degree and a master's degree as a Reading Specialist. I have worked with special needs students very successfully. Through the years, I have tutored children on the autism spectrum, mentally and emotionally handicapped students, students with language and speech challenges, and also gifted students. In Florida, gifted students are served under the umbrella of Exceptional Education. In addition, I have over 25 years experience and previous certification in Specific Learning Disabilities through the Florida Department of Education. Special needs students are often labeled. I prefer to think of those with special needs, be the need emotional, physical, educational or mental, to mean the student learns in his or her own unique way. Most exceptional education students who are served in the public schools have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) which provides a program of modifications and accommodations to address the special needs of the students for whom it is created.

Over the years, I have seen that students who face learning challenges make the greatest progress one on one. Group settings, group goals, group assignments do not always serve well the needs of special population students and most states require an IEP.


Spelling is best taught in a variety of ways. It truly depends on the skills and age of the learner. Phonics and word family skills form the best foundation for young learners, while structural analysis and context work best for more advanced students.

Spelling can be improved and enhanced with practice. I have helped students at all levels of the curriculum improve their spelling skills.


The SSAT is a standardized, achievement test for entry to select private schools. When a student takes the SSAT, the test measures achievement in the following areas: verbal, quantitative, and written language, meaning an essay. The SSAT evaluates how well a student performs compared to other students across the nation, so it is an objective, not subjective measure of student performance. In my experience at all levels of the public and private school curriculum, I have seen it administered as an individual evaluation, but it can be used for a group assessment, as well. The SSAT test can be an important tool to determine student skills and measure student progress.

Study Skills

As a Reading and Educational Specialist, I have worked with students in elementary, middle and high school. In addition, I have helped college and graduate school students study, organize, prioritize and prep for tests at all levels. When first working with a student, it is valuable to complete an informal inventory to determine which study skills a student uses, if any. In sessions, we focus on the specific skills that benefit each student, and this will vary depending on the student and the subject(s)studied. Study Skills include learning strategies, test prep and planning, note taking, outlining and skimming and scanning for key ideas, as well as, summarizing and paraphrasing main ideas.


As an Educational Specialist, I have worked with students across the spectrum in a variety of test prep areas, including the TEAS. To insure greatest success, a student’s underlying skills should be assessed and then reviewed as part of preparation for the TEAS.

The TEAS test is used as a tool to measure a prospective nursing student’s skills. The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is useful in predicting an individual’s chances of success in nursing school and identifies which applicants may need additional practice and review before entering a program. The test is scored in four areas, English, math, language and science, and contains 13 sub content areas. The test has a total of 170 questions and uses an objective format. There is a math portion of the TEAS and calculators cannot be used. Once the test is administered, results are usually available within 48 hours. Practice test are available to prospective students. In addition, there are study materials/manuals for extra review.


Vocabulary is a fascinating area of study and one which can challenge some students. I have worked with students to improve beginning and more advanced vocab and use a variety of activities to promote mastery. With the right approach vocabulary can improve significantly.


Writing skills can be developed and improved! I have worked successfully with students 3rd grade through college. At the out set, it's so important to determine the specific writing skills each student needs to practice. Some students need to work on skills such as prewriting, composing and organizing thoughts, forming meaningful sentences, writing basic paragraphs, and revising and editing their work for correctness of spelling, mechanics and grammar. Other more advanced students need assistance completing research and complex essay writing. As an Educational Specialist, my sessions are truly individualized and I focus on what each student needs to be a more successful writer.

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Florida Southern College (B.A. Education)

University of Central Florida (MEd)

University of Central Florida (EdD)

Extremely Patient!!! I can't say enough good things about Ann! She is extremely patient, and knowledgeable on different techniques to help me learn. She is experienced and I truly feel, if anyone will ever be able to help me improve my skill set, it will be her. I have all ready recommended her to other people. I know she may cost a little more than other tutors, but it is worth every penny. She knows exactly how ...

— Anne from Oviedo, FL on 12/19/13);

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